I am not sure if it is my general great attitude or this veggie thing is really working. Today is day two and I feel really good. I thought I might be cranky or experiencing headaches from my caffeine withdrawls, but I got nothing. I feel so full I had to force myself to eat dinner last night and now it is 11:00 AM and I am just eating breakfast even though I've been up since 7:30 AM. My herbal morning tea (also part of the fast) sustained me until now. This is odd because I usually feel hungry all the time.

I usually wake up with a host of cravings. It starts with coffee, then progresses into a day long game of using these cravings to plan my meals while fighting myself:

What should I eat for lunch? Pizza sounds good...don't eat pizza for lunch. I won't eat pizza, I'll eat the soggy sandwich I brought. That sounds terrible. One slice of pizza will be OK because I worked out this morning.

Every meal seems to be a conversation with myself about what I crave vs. what I need to eat to stay healthy. This came causes me to eat fairly well until the weekend comes around where the excuse of "It's the weekend" always wins.

Last night I went to the OB Farmer's market to replenish some veggies I would need for dinner and a new Philly Cheesesteak stand had popped up. They had a hot sandwich sitting on the display table, covered in melted cheddar and tons of steak. For a moment I considered it, but realized I wasn't even hungry. Nonetheless, I walked home quickly clutching my broccoli and green bean dinner. When I got home, it was confirmed, I still felt full from lunch and could barely finish my veggie dinner. It just seemed easier to resist because I wasn't truly craving anything.

The skeptical side of me know this is only day two and thinks I'm just high on vegetables and sunshine. Let's see how I feel tomorrow...

If you're curious about what I'm eating:

Day 1 Meal Plan

Image Breakfast

Image Mid-Morning Snack

Image Lunch

Image Dinner


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