Cocooned in our cars vs. riding the bus or trolley is truly an "autopia". Our little capsule allows us to travel in solitude, either in peaceful silence, listening to a favorite talk show, or bumping a bass thumping rock jam. Regardless if your drive to work is your "Me" time for "Self", or your private dressing room for last minute eye lash curling, the only people that can disrupt your private “SUVacation” are the "Idiots" that drive slower then you, or those "Crazy Bastards” who drive faster then you, regardless of the rate of speed you are travelling. Public Transit, for me, ranks right up there with public restrooms and prostitutes. I find all of these public services to be dirty, unsanitary and only for use if you have absolutely no other choice. In a rolling asylum, such as the bus or trolley, every single "Person" that I am forced to be crammed in with and from which there is no escape between stops is an "Idiot" or a "Crazy Bastard" and we are all going the SAME rate of speed. In all fairness, in your car it is virtually impossible to meet a nice looking girl unless u rear end their car with your car and both of you pull over & exchange numbers. Riding the bus or trolley, however, I meet all sorts of nice looking girls. I just wish they spoke English.

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richzombie Dec. 3, 2011 @ 8:45 a.m.

great story ...i drove a san diego to north county commute for a long time ...and it was very much like what you describe - now work and live in san diego and do public transpo thing ( sold my car)the morning route is ok ( except for everyone coughing and sneezing)but the end of work day public transportation thing seems so slow ...thaat's killing me !


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