Yellow bumpy rubber stuff. Bright yellow, hurts my eyes, pushes through the soles of my shoes Yellow bumpy rubber stuff. Every public curb cut, on the street, crossing tracks, at restaurants, unavoidable. Did you know that a person with a walker will do almost anything to avoid the Yellow bumpy rubber stuff Its a barrier to mobility, probably a cash cow for the manufacturer, and the insurance industry they sold it too is probably saving tons of money. A walker doesn't roll over that stuff, it stops cold. Must be lifted over the bumps an inch at a time. Hey old person, we don't want you here.
My aunt on a mission to get her minestone soup at olive garden, and hey it's all you can eat with salad and breadsticks, so that is motivation enough to get her in the mood for a lunch out. Even at 96.
Not in a wheelchair, but using a walker.
I watched her trying to go around it, not so easy. it extends the entire width of the curb cut, and in front of the handicapped cement tire stops, and the post with the handicapped sign, there is not enough width to roll through, so up she goes, an inch at a time, pick up the walker, ugh, set it town, tiny step forward, over and over and over.
I mentioned how much that would piss me off, if I had a walker and she politely told me "I hate that stuff".
Made me think about the choices she had, lift the walker in the air, set it on the curb and then somehow hoist herself up there. That is ridiculous.
I'm assuming it is sold as a safety improvement, but after my observations during this one lunchtime visit I think it is a safety hazard, and a barrier for anyone with a mobility issue.
It will do no good to tell the young girl at the front desk, or even the business manager, because most likely they have no control over that part of the operation, and wouldn't even have the slighest idea who to call.
What we do need to do is let the politicians know this is is unacceptable. There are too many of us gently seasoning now, that are going to keep those doors open, but only if we can access the building.
An enlightening day.


richzombie Aug. 13, 2012 @ 11:22 a.m.

enjoyed your post - and have wondered about it -


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