Today there were a group of ladies (at least it looked like ladies in tutus) standing on the center divider between In-and-Out and Chipotle; the corner of Sports Arena and Rosecrans, as I walked to work. I couldn’t read the signs they were carrying, but could see that they were dressed and holding poster board- both red & white. I’m thinking pig tails (like the hairstyle) were part of the costume.

My first thought was this weekend’s MTS/SD Dance Co performance of Trolley Dances, but it didn’t make a lot of sense to anyone but me (I’ve got my ticket).

And now, 8 hours later I’m thinking that there must be a Halloween Store opening up nearby. You know those stores that come and go like Tuesday Morning used to, before they opened and stayed put. I’ve never been inside one of these stores, but I imagine they sell all sorts of Halloween costumes and accessories. I don’t know if they are expensive or cheap, but I do know that many of the costumes end up in thrift store donations every year right after Halloween, and then they reappear in late September, early October the following year but this time hanging on a rack on the sales floor. I imagine these days they are selling costumes everywhere- 99 cent stores, and the big box stores.

Last weekend as I was driving through my coffee place, I saw one was opening up in Encinitas, so I just connected the dots with what I saw today. I used to be able to do this “connecting” much faster, but with facts like this, I don’t much care one way or the other since I don’t buy costumes for any occasion. For the last few decades, I’ve been one of those people who came as “I’m too cool to dress up for Halloween”.

The one exception was a few years ago when I participated- as an auction item, a bachelorette- for two dog rescue/related charities at the House of Blues in the Gaslamp. For that occasion I went to Buffalo Breath Costumes, that amazing costume/theatrical outfit off Coast Highway on Hancock near the airport. I dressed myself up as “an Irish bar wench” with the cinched in waistline and the short little skirt, and some fake “ponytails” that I bought a few years ago when they were in fashion,

Given that I was, and assumed I would be, at least 20 years older than the other bachelorettes, I hedged my bet-a-bility by attending a political fundraiser the week before (completely unrelated) where I convinced two married male friends to bid against each other for a “date” with me - just in case the House of Blues event crowd was silent when I came up for auction. They did me proud, and I started off Halloween night with an opening bid of $251.00! AND amazingly enough, some cute young software engineer guy bid $275, won me, hung all over me during the evening, bought me drinks, kissed my neck- and I never saw him again. The good thing is they got his bid money before the night was out, so the charity was $275 richer, and I think I was worth at least that much! .
Of course, I paid over $100 for the costume, and spent the night in a hotel down there so I could have a glass of wine to work up my courage for the auction- but I didn’t try to write the costume, the hotel or the drinks off my tax return as a charitable donation – I have some values.


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