I love the bathroom at the Elks Club. Especially at 7:00 on a Saturday morning while I'm waiting to weigh in. Watching people strip down, taking off underclothes, appearing briefly in public in a swimsuit to step on the scale (yes, this happened this very morning!) . Every ounce counts during the weekly weigh in.

Today, leaning on the top of the paper towell dispenser, someone had actually typed out a joke on their computer, printed it out, and framed it. It was a "wife" joke, really a bad one. Maybe they switch it out weekly, but I've never noticed it before. Maybe they are testing the reaction before they bolt it to the wall. OMG did you see the joke in the ladies room Betty? No Loretta, tell it to me, I bet it was a riot!

It's really bright in there, and there are usually some artificial flowers on the counter near the mirror. The Elkettes can renew their lipstick under the glaring lights pressing their lips together to distribute it evenly, before heading back out to drive the Elks wild..

I've never been into the bar when it's open for business. I'm not really crazy about anyplace with horny animal heads on the wall, are you?


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