On March 11, 2013, the Sweetwater Trustees will discuss an agenda item in Closed Session, item C6 - Conference with Real Property Negotiator. The agenda item lists property at 2300 Boswell Rd Chula Vista CA 91914. This is the site of the old North Island Federal Credit Union headquarters in Eastlake, and is seen in the attached photo. A second property located at 2387-2389 Faivre St Chula Vista CA 91911, is also listed on this Agenda item. It lists negotiating parties and Under Negotiation Price and Terms of Payment.

The question is, why is the district apparently looking at buying additional property? The Reader has run a series of stories documenting the numerous questions surrounding the Districts purchase and ownership of properties and land on L St and 3rd Ave in Chula Vista. Yet, in spite of the secrecy, lack of transparency and questions surrounding those purchases, it appears the District is set to move forward with additional purchases.

What is most puzzling is that the district is set to discuss the issuance of layoff notices to teachers and staff at this Board meeting, as well as the reduction of the Career Technical Education (CTE) program, which was recently touted by the District as a unique, first of a kind model program.

In addition, there remain numerous concerns with the Districts use of Mello Roos and Prop O Bond monies outside of their legally required purposes. There are also questions about the districts liquidity, and the recently released audit of the Prop O Bond Program found numerous violations and irregularities.

There appears to be a serious lack of oversight and control by the Trustees of District leadership, particularly of Ed Brand. Many in the community see his leadership as a failure with no focus on the core business of the District, which is education. Although more than 50% of the middle and high schools in the district are in Program Improvement, Ed Brand has not started any educational programs that have positively impacted this poor showing. He has, in fact, made decisions that will seriously impact district schools, such as Open Boundaries, which allow any student in the district to attend any school. This has caused serious overcrowding at numerous schools, and impacted class sizes, student services, transportation and safety at those schools.

This apparent decision to purchase additional property once again defies common sense and logic for a school district struggling financially and educationally.


anniej March 10, 2013 @ 8:42 p.m.

2300 Boswell - what 5th avenue is not good enough for Brand?

WE CAN NOT AFFORD TO BUY ANY MORE LAND!!!! Brand lost us millions on L Street, eventhough Chula Vista sent a letter warning them against the purchase.

Brand needs to focus on educating 7 - 12th grade students.


eastlaker March 11, 2013 @ 11:47 a.m.

Exactly, anniej and bvagency.

Frenetic activity, financial or real estate related or otherwise, is not going to stop reality from slapping Ed Brand, Ricasa, Quinones, McCann and Cartmill in the face when everything comes crumbling down.

This, I believe, is a last-ditch effort on Brand's part to make it look like he is planning for the future and thinking of this district...but that is all only very superficial.

Ask yourselves, who is advising Brand on this? Who is brokering these deals? The same people who lead Sweetwater into the extremely disastrous L Street mess? Which is costing us MILLIONS of dollars, and is far from being over yet?

Who is telling Brand he should be a developer? I didn't see that in his contract, and I read his contract, disgraceful as it is, when it was put before the board last fall. The weak-minded board ok'd the contract, to their unending shame--but, in the tradition of being weak-minded, as well as without backbone, this board is not calling Brand on his out of control behavior.

Sweetwater needs people who are thinking about educating students, and those students are supposed to be in the 7th through 12 grades. Take care of them, and then maybe this school district can think about doing more...stop stealing our Mello-Roos funds for projects that are not a part of their mandated areas of concern.

Stop "bending" the rules, Ed Brand. Stop taking money from the ASBs--stop grasping and clawing, because that is not going to save you, Ed Brand. You have lost our respect long ago. You are a ridiculous parody of a self-absorbed shell of a human being, and you have long since ceased to be anything but an embarrassment to this community, both financial and in terms of our public face.

Get the message? Can we make it any clearer? Ed Brand, you have completely alienated the base of reasonable, intelligent people in this community. Board members, and you know who you are, you are part and parcel of this disaster.

Face facts. Respond to the community's efforts to get you back on track. Listen to this community. Do not continue to act with impunity.

If you can locate your better judgement, please act accordingly, McCann, Ricasa, Cartmill and Quinones. Ms. Lopez, please try yet again to get your fellow board members to listen to the public and respond as reasonable people. We appreciate all of your efforts, for which you have received nothing but insults from your fellow board members. Shame on them.

All of you must know that Ed Brand has gone off the deep end. Stop this now.


erupting March 13, 2013 @ 1:43 p.m.

The ship of fools strike again. There is no end until Brand and the majority of this board is gone.


bvagency March 13, 2013 @ 2 p.m.

Glad to see this purchase was not approved. Beware though as Ed Brand will try to push this purchase through at another meeting!


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