What happened to caring about the world? Have we been so inundated with the effects of Charlie Sheenism and Lindsey Lohanism, that we have become numb to real news? Does the over sensationalism by the media of recording stars and the Hollywood elite make us untouched and unaware as a society? Do people only pay attention to the media hype regarding celebrities and not pay attention to real news like the tragedies of Japan? When the news comes on, changing the channel to watch a sitcom, a game show or a movie.
While standing in the supermarket the other day, I was surprised by how clueless some people were regarding world events. As several of us talked about the earthquake, tsunami and possible nuclear reactor explosions in Japan, there were people standing around us, totally unaware of what had happened almost eight days earlier.
We looked at each other in disbelief as the following comments were made:
“Wow, that’s too bad. When did that happen?”
“What happened to Japan?”
“I watch TV all the time and I never heard anything about that.”
This saddened me, as some people met the news with flippant disregard and disinterest. I’ve never witnessed such an overwhelming lack of empathy in my life. Is it only if people are touched immediately and first hand by a tragedy before it becomes significant and has meaning? It was during the recent fires we witnessed emotions rise and a spring to action. Yet, now with a tragedy of this magnitude, people haven’t got a clue and some could care less.
Do people only tune in to tune out? Are they seeking the temporary escape of media sensationalism regarding starlets and movie stars? Repeatedly failing to see the reality of what’s truly relevant in the world around them, both locally and globally; unable to grasp what’s important. Is ignorance truly bliss?
There are millions of people who are affected in Japan; due to the loss of their homes, families, their lively hood and quite possibly their future due to radiation exposure.
In times of tragedy we need to come together as a community. Not just locally, but globally, as we become firm in our resolve to find solutions to the Worlds problems. If we fail to heed the cries of our brothers and sisters in need, will they be there to answer ours?

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emstersmom1 March 21, 2011 @ 7:42 a.m.

I know exactly what you mean. More people need to speak up and find their voice. Our country used to be stronger, when people stood up for what they belieived in and weren't afraid to rock the boat. We've gone to war to fight for those same rights for people in other countries, yet have forgotten how to use the very tools we fight so adamantly for. People are now afraid to open their mouths, discipline their children and stand up for what's right. Have you seen the show "What Would You Do?" They set up a situation with actors and wait to see how people react. Very interesting to see how many people ignore a situation and do nothing.


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