No televised game today cause of the blackout. Thank God for the Padres.

Living up the hill from the Q Serra Mesans are always aware when the Chargers are playing: traffic snarls and a premium on parking even if you live in the neighborhood.

Saw the usual ticket scalpers just now with their "I need tickets" sign. But I also saw a kid selling water bottles, two for a buck. "Five dollars at the stadium," he told passersby heading to the game. Many stopped by his house and bought some. Others were selling parking spaces in their driveways. Hey why not make a buck for all this urban aggravation.

Saw parking enforcement out on the streets also. The city has to make a buck too I guess. I live in a quiet street but parking enforcement folks are regulars here. Got ticketed twice in a month for parking on my own driveway, facing my garage, something about blocking the street for walkers.

Oh well. Go Padres! Go Chargers too. No more TV blackouts please. We Serra Mesans don't mind all the traffic you bring our way on game day but let us eat a little too and watch the game on TV for free. Please? -Leonel Sanchez-





Founder Oct. 5, 2010 @ 4:55 p.m.

Why is it OK for Big Business to make money but if Residents try and do it it is frowned upon, yet Big Business can dump it's Business Blight into our Residential Neighborhoods and never give it a second thought?

San Diego is promoting a different standard for Big Business than it is doing for it's Residents and that is just plain UNFAIR!

While Neighborhoods are expected to practice the Golden Rule, Big Business just goes for the Gold!


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