Is Sophie planning to flip to Amp Radio?

Will 91X get a new morning show partner?

Will we get to hear the regular season Padres on Walrus 105.7 FM this year?

Could Clear Channel radio be thinking about radiothons for itself?

Would Hilary, a midday 94/9 jock, stop making that awful tsk sound every time she talks? It's sloppy and unprofessional. It's so annoying that it makes me flip to Jack!

Miley Cyrus was in the Clear Channel San Diego building Mar 2. Don't tell me that they're thinking of voicetracking her voice for Ryan Seacrest's voicetracked show?

Idea for The San Diego Chargers: could the San Diego Chargers trade LaDamian Tomlinson to the U.S. government for a share of the federal bailout money so that the Spanos family can have the funds to build their own football stadium anywhere?

Roadstar Radio 106.1 is on the air somewhere in San Diego county. It plays reggae, hip hop, and R&B.

I'm not on Twitter because i'm not a twit.

Roger Hedgecock will be on XM 158 beginning March 9 from 3-6pm Pacific Daylight Time (remember to set your clocks ahead one hour EXCEPT if you're in Mexico, then it's 2-5pm Tijuana Time).

Channels 8 and 10 go digital. I can't get them in my car or at home anymore. I'm stuck with Cox to get those channels.

Gary Allyn launched his website sometime ago. Check out The O.B. Ranger at


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