Sam Goody Today marks the end of an era. A little pop culture San Diego landmark is shutting its doors for good. Sam Goody. One of the last music and movie specific stores left. I've had the privilege to have worked here the last 4 years but I've come to this store since I was in high school back in the late 90's. I've always enjoyed the environment that this second home has offered. The latest music over the sometimes too loud speakers while you look for a movie that was hidden behind another title that was probably not in its designated home. But that didn't matter. It was a exactly what record store needs to be. Unfortunately, the powers that be did not see it this way. They would rather remove the building to put in a regret. A flat piece of land so downtown San Diego can " look " a little more sophisticated. In my opinion, this will be a disaster for the city. Sure they plan on having security down there to deter the homeless or thugs to stay away from this area. But just like a zombie apocalypse, it will get taken over. And are we not glad that our tax dollars are going to be going towards the security's paycheck? I think a better idea would of been to remodel the building. The store was a success. Granted it wasn't at its best due to the digital world that we live in but regardless, people still flocked to this store for the latest media they desired. Working here not only provided a paycheck but it also allowed me to meet a lot of people over the years. From the great staff that has been there a for a few years to our devoted customers that would always come in weekly. Makes you wonder why they didn't put this demolition to a vote because every single customer, regular or not, think this whole park idea is absolutely ridiculous. It's leaving a void to those that came in every Tuesday. It's leaving 30 people without a job. It's destroying a building that was very familiar to visitors to let them know they were downtown. And lastly, it's destroying the last standing music store left in San Diego! We are left to fend for our selves when were looking for that hard to find cd or movie or video game or headphone. Then we will remember that there was a place that used to say Goody Got It, that does not exist anymore! RIP SAM GOODY! San Diego, and myself included, will miss you!


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Andy Boyd Nov. 1, 2012 @ 4:38 p.m.

Sigh I guess we'll all have to buy our music on the internet like a normal person instead of cluttering up our homes with useless plastic discs. Alas, there are a few solid record stores scattered around the county for the nostalgics.


SurfPuppy619 Nov. 1, 2012 @ 10:41 p.m.

I used to go to the Sam Goody in Pacifc Beach, at Garnet and Felspar! Next to the Taco Palace and across the street from "Tam's" stationary/business supply store.


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