California law allows patients with a valid doctor’s recommendation, and the patient’s designated Primary Caregivers, to possess and cultivate marijuana for personal medical use, and has since been expanded to protect a growing system of collective and cooperative distribution.

Compassionate Use Act of 1996 or Proposition 215, is a state law concerning the use of medical cannabis. Enacted in 1996, by means of the initiative process, and passed throughout the state with 55.6% in favor. In the City of Imperial Beach, Prop. 215 passed with 56.7% (3,278 votes) in favor and 43.3% (2,504 votes) against.

The current ban on dispensaries in Imperial Beach was passed by the Imperial Beach City Council last year. The ordinance is a blanket ban on ALL medical cannabis collectives and cooperatives in the City of Imperial Beach.

Under the ban, sick and dying medical patient's access to cannabis is limited to growing in their home where a maximum of three (3) or fewer qualified patients are forced to farm for themselves.

Many patients in Imperial Beach are too sick to grow for themselves, and many lack the skills and/or start-up capital to cultivate safe and effective medicinal grade cannabis. In Imperial Beach, lots of patients live in small rental units, or with children - and indoor cultivation is not an option. In these cases, injured and ill patients are forced to turn to street dealers for medication, exposing them to a multitude of serious health and safety risks.

Prop. S is truly a sensible policy, it's proper regulation and control that balances safe access with community safety.

Prop. S is a responsible policy that gives law enforcement the ability to close bad operators.

Patients need safe, regulated access to medical marijuana through regulated medical cannabis dispensing collectives that respect their neighbors and adhere to city regulation.

A complete ban is not a sensible solution.

"Support Sensible Solutions Vote YES on S!"



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