Belly laugh

What’s more embarrassing than to laugh so hard you cry and your mascara runs down your face? Damn, I should ...

Digital Billboards WHY??

I can't think of a single good reason why I would want digital billboards in my neighborhood. Isn't it enough ...

Hit the Spot

When someone says that thing they ate or drank "hit the spot", what "spot" are they referring to? What happens ...

Its been fun

It's been fun, But now it's done, What should have been bliss, Is hit or miss, So the ride stops ...

No more Ms. Nice Girl

My bleeding heart has healed, a dreamer turned realist, I've learned to draw the line, Insuring I will be just ...

Like you know what I mean

Is there any way to eliminate the word "like" from the English language because I am really like getting tired ...

Fun times in the air

On a recent business trip to San Francisco I thought I would change it up a bit and fly Virgin ...

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