Buckle Up


hold tight now

and the calliope of life speeds into high gear

and leaves only the fast lane available to travel on

buckle up

no more caressing the mind into harmony

the way is blurring and the star stream awaits

hold your breath

settle swiftly into the rhythm of the universe

it's been patiently waiting for you to arrive

squirming hard

you've rubbernecked your way thus far

taken your appointed time and juggled life with ease

thumbs up

hitchiked in the open fields of natures generosity

never a thought of quantum leaps thru linear thoughts

deerlike bounding

foraging passionately without careful preparation

easy fruitful rambuctuous ramblings

madly enter





fill the starstream with your poetic dreams


nan shartel Nov. 10, 2010 @ 9:42 p.m.

thx so much Grantie...he gave me 5 long distance years bless him...he was muse to many at My Space...but i always consider him only mine

he came late to poetry and and took to it like a fish to water...in his 50's schooled in Technology he found a tender place inside himself that longed to show itself...and in poetry it did


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