And blames UT-San Diego, saying that U-T San Diego is touting its coverage by conservative commentator (and former San Diego mayor) Roger Hedgecock. He was angry on the comments made by the people. He once again stresses the same thing “we’re ‘Mericans, and we don’t take a back seat to nobody, and all these stinkin’ liberals can go to hell if they don’t believe in the superiority of ‘Merica!”. Further, he points out the loss incurred by the San Diego and Tijuana region due to impatient people not even ready to wait for 45 minutes. According to him, cutting down on wait times and making the port of entry more efficient would mean a huge boost to the local economy is something he badly recommends. After talking about the business-like attitude of the Mexicans who recently completed a $76.4 million upgrade to the Mexico bound entry lanes, he stresses the need for the implementation of the $577 million San Ysidro crossing expansion plan of San Diego. He also questions the Congress for not funding the second and third phases of the project, which is destroying the local economy. He believes better communication will only serve to streamline mutually beneficial projects between the two cities. By this, the inner workings of the Congress and personal familiarity of the major players therein certainly won’t hurt. With a direct presence in Tijuana, perhaps more opportunities will be realized and with the mayors of the two cities working more effectively together, maybe projects like the one in San Ysidro will get more attention and this could also mean greater cooperation on the Mexican side so far as the drug trade and the cartels are concerned.

Furthermore, he raises his question: if Jerry Sanders was so pro-business and concerned about economic growth, why didn't he think of this? He also cast doubts on the UT-San Diego newsroom showing the same bias as its editorial staff. He then commented on the election of the new Mayor, saying it bodes well for the economy, and starts comparing the UT poll to the Survey USA poll commissioned by KGTV Channel 10, published on Oct. 15, just three weeks prior to the election. That poll showed Filner with a seven point lead over DeMaio, 47 to 40, and 13 percent undecided. In that scenario, Filner would only have to earn 31 percent of the undecided voters in order to win the election. Which seems more likely? He says “UTSD/USD poll was catastrophically, humiliatingly wrong. We can only guess why.”

He further gives his much-awaited conclusion, “The reporting staff at the UTSD is grossly incompetent (which I don’t believe to be the case), or that, in conjunction with their editorial staff, they have shown incredible bias in their reporting and thus cannot be trusted to provide a neutral and accurate accounting of the facts, particularly when it comes to politics. Which is a bigger problem?” He spewed venom on the media saying, “ They have gone absolutely bats hit crazy since the Lynch ester takeover. It is certainly not representative of the electoral makeup of this city (or county, for that matter). But we were led to believe that that bias would not spill over into the newsroom.”

In the end, he says that unless and until another news organization steps up and fills up the void being left by the UTSD, he'd be stuck with what the UTSD gives people, and that’s pretty tragic. San Diego deserves better. San Diego needs better.

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