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Bob Filner's camp continues to cast doubt on the results from a recent U-T San Diego and University of San Diego poll that showed Councilmember Carl DeMaio with a ten-point advantage in the mayoral race.

The results have raised concerns that U-T San Diego publisher Doug Manchester and his second-in-command John Lynch are attempting to influence the election.

“The U-T poll results are at odds with other polls conducted during the same time frame, which have shown Bob Filner either ahead or in a dead heat with Carl DeMaio. It appears that the only thing the UT’s poll results are consistent with is a pattern of bias in favor of DeMaio already evident in Manchester’s editorial and news coverage," writes Filner's chief strategist Tom Shepard.

Shepard points to an October 17 poll commissioned by the San Diego Republican Party which found that DeMaio and Filner were deadlocked at 43 percent.

Manchester being a major donor to the University of San Diego -- his name appears on the executive conference center -- doesn't help matters and neither does the fact that members of USD's board of trustees including the Chairman Ron Fowler have also come out in support of DeMaio.

But Scott Himelstein, Director of the Center for Education Law and Policy at the University of San Diego said he personally selected the Washington DC- based research firm, the Glover Park Group, to conduct the poll because the firm was not affiliated with any specific candidate.

"We didn't do any of the work, so to speak, but we co-sponsored it," said Himelstein in an October 22 phone interview.

"I went to great pains to make sure that the polling firm was not affiliated with either candidate. I am the one who made the recommendation to go with Glover Park Group and the U-T later agreed."

And while the poll was paid for by both the U-T and the University of San Diego, Himelstein would not comment on who paid the lion's share of the poll.

"It wasn't half and half but I'm really not at liberty to disclose the financial agreement," Himelstein said during an October 22 phone interview. "We paid a portion of it."

Filner's camp remains unconvinced.

"Manchester, his business associates and family have contributed hundreds of thousands of dollars in in support of DeMaio’s political ambitions. At this point, it appears Manchester and the U-T are prepared to do just about anything to get DeMaio elected mayor.”

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monaghan Oct. 23, 2012 @ 1:47 p.m.

And just how does the Himelstein-led USD "Center for Education Policy and Law" fit into his providing political polling done by the Union-Tribune -- other than that Himelstein has for years been the waterboy for rich conservatives in this town?

Today it's U-T owner Doug Manchester, a big giver to USD. Yesterday it was Alan Bersin and Malin Burnham who tried to"reform" the public schools by (mis)using private and public money. Oh, and I forgot, Himeslstein also fronted for Irwin Jacobs when he bankrolled a (failed) ballot proposition to pad the elected school board with private appointees and diminish the authority of elected representatives. And then there were the really old days when he used to drive Rancho Santa Fe mogul Bill Lynch around in his limo.

Himelstein needs to learn to just say "No."


paniolo Oct. 24, 2012 @ 2:42 p.m.

Maybe so ... But it sounds more like Filner .." I'm not getting my way ... I'm an important person so do it my way etc. He's known to be a whiner.
You don't think he's trying to pay for and round up the same type of resources and clout as his opponent ? !!! Maybe Filner simply is no longer respected to the degree he believes and therefor he can't garner the resources he believes he deserves. Maybe he should retire as many have quietly asked him to do. Maybe it's just as well he was not SD Mayor now. He'd likely be more effective not being Mayor , doing other public service (or maybe not).


Founder Nov. 12, 2012 @ 11:51 a.m.

It should also be noted that the UT and all their outlets (Channel 10, North County Times and others) now require a Facebook Account to add comments IF they even allow story comments, so this also throws polls and the perception of all comments to their Profitganda* stories way off of what is in fact reality!

Profitganda is the use of phony "feel good" information to sell an idea, product or concept to the masses.


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