By Tony Brogdon

Creating perceptions that translate into fear are commonly used by politicians, salesmen, advertisers, and lawyers. These we expect this from them but when the media’s such as newspapers, television news, and movies create perceptions that create such a strong fear we are unknowingly programmed to fear Mexico. Our brains are programmed to fear the unknown from childhood so when the media informs us that bad things are happening in Mexico and how unsafe it is. When we don’t have first hand knowledge to the contrary we become uniformed and will believe that all of Mexico must be unsafe and dangerous. We that live here know the truth, that Mexico like anywhere in the world has crime and dangerous places to the contrary the perception that the truth is the opposite of how it is portrayed. The overall crime rate in Baja is much lower than its US counterparts based on populations.

Unlike the US, Mexico has strong and growing economy and the middle class is growing. Real Estate prices remain low and the cost of living is one of the lowest in the world. If your dream when retiring is to look out the windows of your home and see and hear and smell the ocean, Baja can make that dream come true on a modest retirement income. In addition you can live in a secure gated community that is safer most US neighborhoods.

Mexico is in many ways like the US was 50 years ago. Most of the laws that are enacted over the years are an over reaction to solving overall health and safety problems. When living full time in Mexico one forms awareness that when crossing the border back into the US how these laws impact our daily lives. I have clear memories of when living in the US as a child. We were permitted to burn our trash, ride in the back of a pickup, our family could camp on the beach, explode fire crackers year around, not wear your my seatbelt or talk on your cell phone while driving, burn wood in your fireplace, feel safe to go out at night, have a lemonade in my front lawn and the list goes on and on. When you live here and return home to Mexico you will likely breath a sigh of relieve, realizing how nice it is to have those freedoms returned to you by making your own choices when you cross the border?

Life can be an adventure in Baja, Mexico. Adventure is discovering the unknown and facing your fears. It is true that the truth can set you free, free of of fear, the fear that the media embeds in all of us at the cost of the truth. The truth is that Mexico is a perfect place to retire and life here is lived in a much less stress free environment. You will spend the rest of your life discovering beautiful beaches, great restaurants, laid back friend s who share their love for living a life as an American living in Mexico. Especially living in Baja in between Bajamar and Tijuana de Playas you can enjoy a life only afforded by the rich and famous in the US. I have regretfully heard from prominent people living in the US that had always planned to retire in the in Mexico until they heard reports from the media how unsafe it is Mexico so they chose to believe the negative reports and not check things out for themselves. They instead spend their retirement income on a much higher cost of living and ignore the daily reports on crime in their own neighborhood. They truly believe what they see and hear from the media and regretfully miss out on their lifelong dream that only Baja can provide. I have lived in Baja for nearly four years and have come here for over 30 years. I am turning 70 years old in June. I expect God willing to live in Baja and to live be 100. At the same time I know the quality of life is more important than the quantit, so if I practice what I preach I will continue to discover daily what Baja has to offer. Strong*

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