Saudi Arabia has never had to bear the responsibility For its influence if not actual funding along with our corporations and Government entities of Saddam and Osama within their beginnings, It was always about oil, planet Earth’s liquid gold. Saudia Arabia is a plutocracy of extremely oil rich modern day pharaohs. Who used to have pretentious mansions demonstrating their immense wealth Thus power by wealth in the U.S., As if royalty, in fact may still do. THUS 911* HAPPENED. (I am furious that P. Bush for all his posturing and dragging along police and soldiers to their death or harm, DID NOT fund those and others who toiled at the tower sites amidst all that horrible pollution within all that ruin of flesh and souls and destruction, he let them go bankrupt from medical expenses dying, in essence gradually our own terrorism. He as plutocrat dares to solicit admiration as past president! For nearly a decade this until recently was a Republican slap to citizen involvement, the other victims because of the original terror. In 1996, I met as a homeless another posing as homeless in Rancho Penasquitos Outside San Diego, Ca., who told me “I was a loser.” He was in the second airplane to hit the second tower.

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