Roommates Are From Hell…

….so much like a game of tennis. The lobbing of balls constant. One has to eventually learn to manipulate. Roommate Brian has a masters degree in such…he’s such a know it all. The problem, we are similar, but he’s a master at sneaky. I have resisted For over a year, not going into his personal stuff, he has no qualms. That includes my food, I takes extra vitamin C if I sense something has been added for my discomfort. So far, I have survived his meddling. More often than not, its from his vast array of psychological medicines His Mendele psychiatrist prescribes him. Doctors in case you are unaware Use we patients as guinea pigs and they get away with it!

Most of the time, we roommates are civil, but the dam breaks occasionally, And the water roars. He has inside a war, mine is more a sputtering model T Car. He has stated that nature is my God, he is correct. I do talk to trees. To no avail. I ignore birds but we have our moments, such as when I lie, saying, I ignore them.

I think churches are fine examples of hierarchy to perhaps point the way towards the spiritual. Though I think dawns and sunsets a better more substantial reminder.

I will have to edit and add to this post occasionally. Out of the blue, roommate has just Uttered “ a woman is coming to visit me today”, he does have his moments. I prefer God, He’s less obtrusive, well unless He’s doing something dramatic.


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