For over a decade, I have been with one exception of a slip in which I contacted SDS which the hospital in Needles, Ca. eliminated. I am not a priest and I certainly comprehend what so many would prefer not to be, but frankly, I am happier than not. I wake up comfortably alone, my blankets unshared, wonderful. I finally cured the prostrate problem with a diet high in fibers, extremely so. American men are dropping like flies. I once met a senior who boasted he ate nothing but steak, no doubt by now he's passed on.

I have read documentation that the average male has up to 5000 sexual thoughts daily. Not me! Nope. Too messy and nasty. Too complicated. Too emotional. Too dangerous. Too distracting. For months, I have had women of all ages and races come on to me visually, why?, I'm old, ugly and tired, and it doesnt work any more. HURRAH. I'm not an eunuch, occasionally a night dream gets out of hand...thats a pun folks.

Why am I confessing this, I dunno, to prove that sexual activity leads to stupidity and God forbid marriage.

The only one I have married is God and He refuses to give me a divorce. Ah well you cant have everything.

For decades I have informed people I am crazy, and they always reply "You cant be, you said you were." And my reply then is, " which proves the others are lying."

Speaking of lying, the tea party hasnt realized that lying is inherent in our politcal system, the only and true equality of both major parties.


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JBPOETGARDENER March 28, 2011 @ 10:20 p.m.

Very Admirable, you finally wrote something worthwhile. I have a 5 gallon bucket full of writings I keep trying to discard, there are some incidents, i'd rather forget.

I have read that Actress Sandra Bullock sleeps with nine dogs! I certainly hope she's been neutered.


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