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Local Democratic Congressman Scott Peters joined 184 other House Democrats in signing a letter to President Obama expressing support for “a clean extension of the debt ceiling,” which would entail an authorized increase without additional spending cuts.

House Republicans, on the other hand, want to vote not to raise the debt limit from its current $16.7 trillion, but to “suspend enforcement” of the cap for a year, until December 14. The GOP is also demanding a delay to the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, commonly termed “Obamacare,” as well as “tax reform” as called for by Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan, immediate approval of the controversial Keystone XL tar sands pipeline, limits in Environmental Protection Agency powers, increased coastal oil drilling access in California and elsewhere, and additional cuts for social services such as spending on daycare and services for the disabled. As laid out yesterday (September 26), these are the conditions upon which the GOP will consider averting a situation in which the federal government would default on its sovereign debts.

Quickly, the National Republican Congressional Committee, which has been an early booster in Carl DeMaio’s campaign to unseat Peters that began almost immediately following DeMaio’s defeat by the dethroned Bob Filner in San Diego’s 2012 mayoral campaign, as well as DeMaio himself, have taken aim at Peters over his endorsement of the Pelosi initiative.

“Democrats like Scott Peters and Nancy Pelosi would rather send President Obama a blank check for more reckless government spending than sit down and work with Republicans on the debt ceiling,” charges a Committee release entitled Peters to Obama: Raise the Debt, Keep Spending that went out September 26.

“Scott Peters likes to pay lip service to compromise, but he is steadfastly refusing to sit down with both sides and make reasonable spending reductions. If Peters has his way, the U.S. government will just continue to spend, spend, spend, without any accountability,” adds Committee spokeswoman Alleigh Marré.

DeMaio was quick to pile on, sending the following Thursday afternoon:

"Hey - We just learned that Scott Peters is backing a permanent rule for "automatic" increases in the debt limit. Yes, he wants it to be "automatic."

On top of that, Peters sent a letter to Barack Obama urging him to reject any conditions for reforming wasteful spending as part of a larger compromise package for addressing our ballooning debt.

Like you, I'm frustrated with what I'm hearing and seeing from both extremes of the debate in Washington.

Scott Peters' reckless proposal for an "automatic debt hike" is just as bad as the calls for shutting down the entire government. Neither solve the problem.

If you believe it is time for a different approach to these issues, please support our campaign today!"

According to the website PoliticiFact, the debt ceiling was raised seven times under Obama’s predecessor, George W. Bush, mostly without significant public debate. The Reagan administration raised the cap 18 times. This increase would be the fourth on Obama’s watch.

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