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Bruce Eric Hunt, 52, was charged with murder in San Diego’s North County Superior courthouse yesterday afternoon, May 3, 2012.

Oceanside police and other sources stated that Hunt confronted two men who were in a parking lot overlooking a riverbed, where Hunt was trying to sleep. “The defendant is known to be a transient,” prosecutor Christine Ryan said after the arraignment yesterday.

The deadly incident occurred at 8:33 p.m. on a Tuesday evening, April 30, 2013, according to a police statement.

“An argument ensued over their making too much noise,” according to Oceanside police lieutenant Aaron Doyle. “Hunt became enraged and began chasing both victims.”

One man was stabbed to death, while the other man escaped injury, according to investigators.

“A witness across the street, who legally possessed and carried a concealed weapon, saw the altercation and rendered assistance. He held the suspect at gunpoint until patrol officers arrived,” Lt. Doyle stated.

The stabbing victim has been identified as Sonny Mila, 33. He was declared dead at the scene, a parking lot of an abandoned restaurant at 1105 North Coast Highway, in Oceanside, California.

The other man who was chased by the attacker was identified as Steven Thornton. He escaped serious injury, according to prosecutor Christine Ryan.

Police stated, “The suspect was cooperative after his arrest and provided investigators with a detailed statement.” Prosecutor Ryan confirmed, “I have listened to an interview with the defendant.”

Bruce Eric Hunt, 52, pleaded not guilty to murder and attempted murder and assault with a deadly weapon, said to be a knife. “He’s facing Life,” said the prosecutor.

“I find you are an extreme danger to this community, I am setting bail at five million dollars,” said Superior Court Judge Marshall Hockett. “Million Dollar Marshall” is known for boldness in setting bail amounts.

The accused is due back in court May 8, 2013 to name attorney. Hunt is currently represented by the public defender’s office.

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jnojr May 10, 2013 @ 4:43 p.m.

In most of the rest of the country, and even many of the rural California counties, hundreds of millions of Americans can choose to be able to defend themselves from nuts like this without fearing arrest. But Sheriff Gore (and previous San Diego Sheriffs going back decades) has decided that we shouldn't be able to do that, that only his employees and buddies and campaign contributors should be able to survive an encounter with a nut like this. Why is that? Why is it that very literally MILLIONS of Americans carry a sidearm every day with none of the shootouts over parking spaces the left constantly wrings their hands about but never happen? Why are our lives not worth defending, or even much more than an investigation after we're dead? California badly needs CCW issuance reform, but here in San Diego we could have it simply by getting rid of this political hack who was walked into office without ever having to face an election, and electing a Sheriff who respects Constitutional rights instead of ordering people shot and killed for exercising them.


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