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City Attorney Jan Goldsmith's campaign committee's war chest is drying up.

By January of this year, the committee reported having just $18,900 in the account. But just because the days of $25,000 donations to Republican political action committees are over, it didn't keep Goldsmith from spreading the wealth.

Since January, the City Attorney spent $8,500 on a variety of items including the usual political donations to GOP-affiliated parties, a trip to Sacramento for a meeting of the California Republican Party, and a donation of $150 to non-profit news agency, Voice of San Diego.

Most interesting, however, is a $1,500 payment to Competitive Edge Research and Communication for public opinion polling. The expenditure shows that at one point Goldsmith may have been considering a run for another office after his current term is over.

And while the disclosure did not provide specific dates, hiring the polling firm likely occurred during one of the many public spats between Goldsmith and Mayor Bob Filner whether that be the Tourism Marketing District issue, releasing closed session transcripts to the press, or issuing a public memo on the $100,000 donation from Sunroad Enterprises.

And then, of course, it is unclear whether the polling was done before or after the City Attorney was ridiculed by some national media outlets for prosecuting a man for writing protest slogans in chalk on a public sidewalk.

Additional expenditures during the seven-month stretch, include $120 to the Operation for Hope Foundation, a non-profit anti-domestic violence group based in Rancho Bernardo; $500 to the conservative Lincoln Club and $2,500 to the San Diego County Republican Party. He also spent $1,105 to reserve a table at the University of San Diego's Law School's awards ceremony.

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FatCatSegat July 18, 2013 @ 10:06 a.m.

Confidential sources claim that since the Chalkle Debacle made infamous by the illustrious city attorney, that he's been seen secretly tearing out hair club ads from magazines and wearing them on his head in a sad attempt to grow hair by osmosis. When attempting to confirm these allegations, this hack wannabe reporter bumped into the city attorney in the men's room as he was furiously adding water to the many sheets of torn glossy ads on his noggin. When offered paper towels to dry his soaked face, Mr Goldsmith snatched them away and affixed the towels to his head creating a paper mache mess. "Just go back to the dead armadillo dude", I suggested. Snatching the paper mess from his head a small hedgehog looked up sleepily from his perch as the city attorney smugly walked away.


monaghan July 18, 2013 @ 10:42 a.m.

City Attorney Goldsmith will never live down his failed 2013 prosecution of young Free-Speech Chalker Jeff Olson who protested Bank of America policy in sidewalk drawings at several mid-city branches of the infamous institution. Goldsmith will have trouble running for dog-catcher after that career-defining misstep. Meanwhile, FatCat has demeaned armadillos and hedgehogs and I am going to get Donna Frye to call him out for making them unsafe.


FatCatSegat July 18, 2013 @ 11:19 a.m.

This failed reporter has received death threats from PETA and Hair Club for Men. Undeterred I continue the investigation only to find Mr Goldsmith now making inquiries on flights to Paris to pursue a chalk artist's training to show empathy and remorse for what has now become (in this deluded reporter's head) the Chalkle Debacle. When attempting to solicit a reaction from his office, countless rodents were witnessed scattering like cockroaches across the well groomed rug that should be back on the City attorney's head much to the chagrin of cockroaches everywhere.


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