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Dr. Edward J. Bodek was interviewed at the time of his arrest, according to a probation report. “He admitted that he and his wife conducted the fraudulent/unauthorized credit card transactions on patient credit cards, but they intended to pay it all back,” the report stated.

“His wife was more instrumental in conducting the scheme (he said,) as she was the one who originally approached him on conducting the unauthorized credit card transactions. His wife told him that they could conduct this scheme and eventually pay the money back,” according to the probation officer. “They…looked at this as a short term loan.”

Former dentist Edward Bodek, 60, and his wife Mary Rose Bodek, 56, were taken into custody in March 2013; each was charged with 45 felonies; twenty-two victims were named in a forty-page criminal complaint.

When investigators confronted the dentist with a calculation of $260,000 stolen in the year 2012 alone, “Dr. Bodek began to cry and said he had no idea it was near that amount,” according to the probation report.

However, “Dr. Bodek told friends that his wife was suffering from cancer and needed expensive treatment” and he obtained cash from some victims this way, investigators were told. A man named Wesley Devol described exactly that scenario when he spoke to a judge, on the day of sentencing for both fraudsters.

A probation officer interviewed Mary Bodek on July 31, 2013. “She did state that she never intended to steal and that they tried to correct the mistake and pay back the money owed to the victims,” according to a probation report. Mrs. Bodek told the interviewer: “Our patients are like family” and that she made a “bad decision” and she could not “begin to tell how sorry we are for violating their trust.” Mary Bodek declared that she had been blessed in jail and had become a “mother figure” to other inmates.

Both Bodeks admitted felony theft from their patients in a plea deal and got credit for time served. Edward Bodek was released August 21, and Mary Bodek is scheduled to be released from custody today, August 29, 2013, according to the San Diego County Sheriff’s website.

Dr. Bodek had a dental practice at 317 North El Camino Real in Encinitas, California, for more than twenty years. His wife Mary Rose worked the front desk and was office manager and financial controller; there were no other employees. The couple had an apartment in nearby Carlsbad.

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Eva Knott Aug. 29, 2013 @ 4:56 a.m.

Dr. Edward J. Bodek reportedly told investigators that his wife was "more instrumental" in the scheme and that she was the one who "originally approached him" with the credit theft idea and she "told him" that they would pay it all back. Both Bodeks were sentenced to time served and got probation.


Visduh Aug. 31, 2013 @ 12:31 p.m.

That old "I meant to pay/put it back" claim is made by many, many embezzlers. The same goes for retail employees who take merchandise home without paying for it first. The sheer absurdity of the claim that they would repay those patients who had been defrauded should get both of them a longer sentence, rather than a shorter one. And then there's the "my wife is terminally ill" claim that is so often used by thieves to justify their larceny (or worse). When you can't think of anything else to tell to those you cheated and defrauded, those are the usual fallbacks. All BS, and an outrage.


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