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Former dentist Edward J. Bodek, 60, and his wife Mary Rose Bodek, 56, were sentenced to 365 days custody plus 5 years probation in San Diego’s North County Superior Courthouse yesterday.

Each felon had more than 320 “custody credits” at the time of sentencing, and Dr. Edward Bodek was released the same day, yesterday. Mary Rose Bodek is expected to be released next week, by August 29, 2013.

Both defendants were charged with 45 felonies which alleged fraudulent use of their dental patients’ credit cards; each Bodek admitted three felonies in a plea deal that agreed to 365 days custody.

The Bodeks had a dental practice at 317 North El Camino Real in Encinitas, California, for more than twenty years. Mary Rose Bodek worked the front desk and was office manager; there were no other employees. The couple lived in nearby Carlsbad.

Dr. and Mrs. Bodek have been in custody since early March 2013.

A prosecutor asserted that the Bodeks rented 30 different storage units, and these were full of women’s clothing from stores such as Saks Fifth Avenue and Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus. The storage units were filled with high-end items such as costly handbags and fur coats; many items appeared un-worn and still had price tags attached, it was alleged. “Some of the clothes appeared to have been bought over 10 years ago,” prosecutor Anna Winn stated.

In their plea deals, signed June 25, 2013, each defendant admitted taking more than $65,000; investigators claimed more than $260,000 was fraudulently taken from victims.

The judge ordered $74,412 in restitution to be paid by each defendant.

Several victims spoke to the judge before sentencing on August 21, 2013. They told sad stories of betrayal and detailed the amounts taken from themselves and their loved ones.

The Honorable Judge David Berry saved his strongest words for Mary Rose Bodek. He said he had read a letter sent to the court by defendant Mary Rose, and “frankly the court found her statement to be insincere, and I have great concern over Mrs. Bodek.”

“I want Mrs. Bodek to understand that her claims of caring for other elderly people fell completely false to me, given who you were stealing from and the destruction that you caused out there, and letting people go to their death knowing that their finances had been ruined and they left nothing for their children,” Judge Berry said.

The judge ordered both Bodeks to attend “cognitive behavioral therapy” and “anti-theft counseling” as part of their five-year probation, at sentencing yesterday, August 21, 2013.

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FatCatSegat Aug. 22, 2013 @ 7 a.m.

Thats it? It only goes to show how broke our system is. Plea deals made in the interest of saving money and these monsters walk away with a slap on the wrist. All they have to do is file for bankruptcy and POOF it all goes away. I do hope that I'm incorrect on that point but had their last names been Gonzales, or Habib, well,...you know. Sheesh! Simply disgusting.


formerpatient Aug. 23, 2013 @ 1:50 p.m.

As a former patient seeking to collect money "borrowed" by the Bodeks, I did an intensive internet search on them. They owned little. They rented the Carlsbad house. They owned a house in Maryland that was upside down and Ed is on title of the house his 89 yr old mother lives in in NJ. The house is a teeny 1950's house in a bad neighborhood. Near as I could determine that had nothing but the 30 mini storages filled with ill-gotten gain. I know they weren't making their office payment in a timely way. So they'll be out with no money, no place to live (except maybe in NJ if probation lets them go), no dental license, no future job prospects and bankruptcy does not discharge court ordered restitution. If they were career criminals I'd feel very differently, but I cannot see where a long term jail sentence would protect society. It would just cost us the $40 to $50k/yr to house them. It is a sad ending to people living in a bubble...., and yes, I got most of my money back.


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