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A local company has begun marketing a snack food it describes as “the world’s first family friendly weight loss gummies.”

Gummy Owls are marketed by Green Forest Nutrition, makers of a blood-sugar stabilizer called Glucocil. Right now the product is only sold through the company’s website, though company founder Lee Zhong told the San Diego Business Journal that he hopes to see them sold at GNC stores in the near future.

Green Forest says that Gummy Owls are made from a “yam super fiber” called konjac mannan, are sweetly flavored and “clinically proven to safely reduce body weight and fat in adults and children (ages 12 and up).” The company boasts that konjac mannan is the “only dietary fiber approved for weight loss by the European Food Safety Authority, an agency of the European Union.” Eating at least nine of the gummies a day while following what the promoters describe as a “Eat Right, Be Active, Have Fun lifestyle” is claimed to result in weight loss of a pound per week.

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fransalkemade June 27, 2012 @ 5:05 a.m.

I have used product before from Ray Grimms, Jr. company called CORE4 and love the products. Now I am using products from his new company, BODHD and love them too. They have introduced a product called Quick FX, a weight loss program where you can lose 10 pounds in 10 days. I have been on it for 8 days and have lost 8 pounds - looking good. Getting ready for summer! Thanks Ray Grimm or coming up with another winning solution.


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