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A court order has forced San Diego County investigators to release the contents of what has been called a “suicide note.” Information in the document led investigators to find the body of a woman that had been reported missing in April of this year.

The strangled body of Brittany Killgore was found later the same day that the note was found in a hotel room with Jessica Lynn Lopez, who was arrested. Dorothy Maraglino and Louis Perez have also been charged, all three are pleading not guilty to one charge of murder.

The notorious, hand-written seven-page document is filled with so much profanity and slander it is difficult to relate the contents.

The writer states she is Jessica Lopez. The pages begin by saying those “pigs that call themselves cops are so narrow minded as usual they’re trying to pin this on the one guy that would have helped that (victim). So thanks to those protected & paid vigilantes complete incompetence I have to spell it out for them. You have the WRONG FXXXING PERSON.” Investigators had arrested Louis Perez first, on an unrelated weapons charge, but he was immediately suspected in Killgore’s disappearance because he was the last person seen with Killgore.

“I hid the body of that (slur) in almost plain sight she didn’t deserve a burial. I dropped that useless waste of space off some little hill off the road by lake skinner. I don’t know where exactly….But since I know how incompetent you are here’s what you’ll find.”

The writer accurately described marks that would be found on the body. The victim is never named in the document, instead she is called vicious female slurs. And the writer curses law enforcement at every opportunity. “Miserable fxxxing retards that call themselves investigators didn’t even speak one word to me.” The writer wants the reader to believe that someone identified as “Master,” presumably co-defendant Louis Perez, did not participate in any of the horrible acts on the victim.

Someone referred to as “Mistress” is sprinkled through the pages, presumably this is the other co-defendant Dorothy Maraglino. “Mistress” is also made to look innocent of any wrongdoing.

“I saw someone peeking in Masters car & realized it was that (slur). I opened the door & she barged in demanding Master open the damn car cause she thought she left her purse & cell phone in the car.” Six sentences of obscene slander against the deceased woman follow. “Then she tried to go past me to wake him up herself. I had already lost Mistress once when a bitch came between her & Master. I know what I had to do. I grabbed her ankle slamming her into the stairs. Ducktaping her ankles, wrist & mouth. She tried to scream & I zapped her with the tazer Mistress made me keep by my bed after my window broke with almost no effect.”

There are graphic descriptions of torture and killing. “I lifted her up easily enough she barely fought. She knew what she deserved.” Terrible words. “Mistress I know your sensitivity to smells & tried to clean it up with the resolve.”

“I was driving down the most rural streets trying to find a place to dump her until I happened upon a sign for lake skinner.”

“The adrenalin of the kill had given me more time but now it was wearing off. It was close to dawn & I finally just dumped her down a hill hoping for the best.”

“Hoping they would descend on the many likely suspects there were to choose from. Instead they focus their narrow minded idiocy on the one person with NO motive at ALL to make their patsy. He came to talk to the pigs in good faith hoping to find the (slur) and they arrested him as he was the closest and easiest as they had to be at the 7-11 when the fresh doughnuts came in.”

“I went home and fell asleep peacefully.”

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SurfPuppy619 July 18, 2012 @ 8:40 p.m.

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