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A friend reported Brittany missing to San Diego County Sheriff’s deputies on Saturday, April 14. Deputy Brenemen took a missing person report at 2 p.m. that afternoon.

The friend said Brittany was supposed to go with Louis Perez to downtown San Diego, to the Gas Lamp area, the prior evening, Friday. Brittany reportedly left her apartment and got into Perez’ vehicle and left, and no one heard or saw her after that.

Deputy Brenemen phoned Louis Perez and requested a meeting, and Perez arrived in a white Ford Explorer. Perez had mud on his shoes, and the deputy noted a large amount of new-looking mud on the undercarriage and wheel wells of the vehicle. It was noted that the seat cover on the passenger side of the Ford was missing, but there was still a cover on the driver’s side. The passenger seat had impressions where a cover used to be, in the investigator’s opinion. The deputy noticed a rifle case, and inside he found an AR15 assault rifle that had been reported stolen; Perez said he bought it from “an unknown person.” Also found in the vehicle was a plastic wand-type lighter, and an empty bottle of lighter fluid on the passenger floor board, and a large folding knife tucked into the visor. There was an MCX shopping bag in the rear compartment, inside that was another plastic bag, and a pair of blue latex gloves, and a “stun baton” and some trash. Attached to the stun gun they found one human hair. The gloves and plastic bag tested positive for blood, later DNA matched to Brittany. Perez’ DNA was found on the stun gun.

Perez told the deputy he was helping Brittany pack her belongings to move, about 4 p.m. the afternoon of Friday April 13, at her place in Fallbrook. Perez said he asked Brittany to go out on a dinner-dance boat with him, but she said she was too tired. He left, but then at about 5:10 p.m., Brittany sent him a text saying she wanted to go to downtown San Diego with him after all, he told the deputy.

Brittany went to her friend’s apartment to borrow a purple floral dress with sequins, and when she left she told her friend she was going home to “get ready to leave with Perez.”

But the worried friend told investigators that just thirteen minutes after Perez picked Brittany up, she got a text from Brittany’s phone which said: “Help.” The friend texted back: “What?” and “R u okay” and “Brittany are u okay. I am freaking out here.”

It wasn’t until 8:05 p.m. that the friend finally got a text back from Brittany’s phone, it said: “Yes I love this party.” But the friend was immediately suspicious because Brittany never used the word “yes” in her texts – she used “yeah.” The worried friend kept sending texts, asking Brittany to phone her, but Brittany never called her.

Someone told investigators that he saw Perez back his truck down the driveway of the home he stayed at, in Fallbrook, “around dusk time.” This is the same time the message “help” came from Brittany’s phone. Perez reportedly backed up to a large sailboat located at the very back of the property, and then opened the rear cargo hatch of his vehicle. The witness noticed a ladder leaning up against the mostly-white boat – the boat was propped up above the ground -- the witness said he had not noticed a ladder there before. And the witness had never seen Perez back into the driveway before, it was a circular drive and usually backing up would not be necessary.

Perez told detectives he picked up Killgore at her apartment about 7:30 p.m. – deputies noticed this would have been too late to make the dinner-dance boat. He said he drove straight to downtown San Diego, and dropped Brittany off in front of the Whiskey Girl Night Club while he found a place to park. It took him about ten or fifteen minutes to park and walk to the night club, and then Perez said “he was unable to locate Killgore.” He didn’t bother to actually go inside any nightclub while he looked for her, but said he did look for about thirty minutes, and then he left and “headed home.” At one point, he said he turned around to go back to look for her again, but then he went home for the night, without ever finding her.

Investigators collected text messages from Perez’ cell to Killgore’s cell phone, these started at 9:20 p.m. The texts were: “Your friends are calling me worried” and “OK now I am worried too” and “Musical too loud call me back” and “Go outside & call me baxk.” At no time did Killgore’s phone respond to any of those texts.

Cell phone records showed both Perez’ and Brittany’s phones were using towers in Fallbrook during the time he said they were downtown.

Perez said he stayed that night at Dorothy Maraglino’s home in downtown Fallbrook. He said this is his “current girlfriend” and this home is “one of his permanent residences.” Dorothy said Perez came to her home between 10 p.m. and midnight that night, and that he stayed there and never left, until the deputy phoned him.

Perez said the mud on his vehicle must have gotten there when he collected firewood on Camp Pendleton. He was in the Marines at the time. Or maybe it got there when he went for a run on the beach.

Brittany’s cell phone was found by a transient in downtown San Diego. The transient said when he awoke in a doorway of the Comfort Inn on G Street, the cell phone was lying at his feet.

For two weeks, detectives searched Dorothy Maraglino’s home. She had a roommate, Jessica Lopez, who lived there too. Deputies noted ashes in the fireplace. Searchers found one room “set up as some type of sex dungeon.” There were “sex apparatuses, toys and tools,” which they collected. Dorothy and Jessica said they had sexual activities which included master, servant and slave role playing. Dorothy told one investigator that she was a “Dominatrix.” Perez said he liked to spank women. An ex-girlfriend of Perez told investigators that at one time they held a female in a room, the sex dungeon, and would not allow her to leave unless they gave her permission.

Detectives got a grocery store receipt from the local Albertson’s out of a trash can, dated April 13 2012, 8 p.m., it showed a credit card number and a preferred member number on it. Store surveillance video showed Jessica handing Dorothy a credit card and Dorothy paid for the items they were purchasing. During this time, Perez sent a text to Dorothy asking, “Kitten?” And she replied, “Hi” and “Sorry I was in the back of the store.” Later, Perez sent a message to Dorothy to “Come home” -- the detective noted this last message was twenty-one minutes after Brittany had sent the text message, “help.” Dorothy drove a truck with license plates that said, “IVNSKTN.”

On April 17, 2012: about 9:38 a.m., investigators went to the Ramada Inn in the Point Loma area of San Diego. They were told that Dorothy Maraglino had checked into room #105. Detectives knocked on that door, but a woman's slurred voice said she was tired and did not want to come to the door. The detectives asked and then demanded that the door be opened, then they got a pass key to open it. But an interior lock only allowed the door to open a few inches -- but one deputy yelled out that she could see blood so a detective kicked the door all the way open. A woman was just exiting the bathroom when cops busted in, she was naked from the waist up. The woman identified herself as “Rosalin,” but cops later determined it was Jessica Lopez. They took her out into a hallway while they searched the hotel room, and she asked if she could cover her breasts and one detective “told her please do so.”

Deputies noticed multiple cuts on Jessica’s neck and left arm, and blood. There was blood on the bed sheets and on the carpet and bathroom floor. There were large knives found in the bathroom, and an empty bottle of Chambord liqueur on the counter there. Bottles of medication were found.

On the mirror above a dressing table was written: “PIGS READ THIS.” Just below, on the dressing table, was a seven page handwritten document. The letter began “I’m sorry Mistress, I know you would have stopped me…You have the WRONG FUCKING PERSON.” Perez was held in custody at the time. The letter also said, “I hid the body of that whore in almost plain sight.” The writer communicated that she disposed of the body in the area of Lake Skinner. The note was signed by Jessica Lopez AKA Rosalin Loraine Idalgo. Next to this document were three sealed envelopes, addressed to Master Ivan at the San Diego Jail, and “To my parents,” and to “KGFV at 100 Park Boulevard in San Diego.”

Lopez told investigators that she secretly put a copy of the same letter into Dorothy Maraglino’s bags before she left the hotel room.

Surveillance video from the hotel confirmed Dorothy Maraglino had checked in at the front desk the night of April 16, 2012. Then Dorothy and Jessica carried bags into the hotel room together. Later that night Dorothy took a shuttle to the airport. Detectives phoned her and she said she was “currently in Virginia at a family function.” Detectives started to ask about the night Brittany disappeared and “She became angry and disconnected the phone call.” Detectives flew out to Virginia, but Dorothy wouldn’t communicate with them.

At 2:23 p.m. on April 17, 2012, the body of a naked, white female was found on the side of the road, east of Lake Skinner, in Riverside County, north of San Diego County. This was 23 miles from Fallbrook, where investigators believe Brittany was killed. “Killgore had injuries on her neck that were consistent with her being strangled with a ligature.” There were also signs that someone made “attempt at dismembering her.” These abuses to her body were described in the handwritten note which investigators found in the hotel room with Jessica. An autopsy the next day declared Brittany Killgore's cause of death “homicidal violence.”

On May 10 2012, Dorothy Maraglino was arrested. Investigators stated they couldn’t find her cell phone, it “has been missing since the early stages of this investigation.”

Louis Ray Perez, Dorothy Grace Marie Maraglino, and Jessica Lynn Lopez all have pleaded not guilty to one count of murder. They are all in custody.

This information was taken from four sworn statements of these investigators: Brian Patterson and Will Althenhof and Norman Hubbert, who are all with the SD County Sheriff. Their statements were dated April 16, April 19, May 1 and May 24, 2012.



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Visduh July 18, 2012 @ 7:20 p.m.

Excellent report! I'd guess that what you revealed here is about 90% of the homicide case against the three. Why did it take so long to pry all of it loose? Oh, I know, it is that it would contaminate the jury pool. (As if more than a small minority of potential jurors pay any attention to these cases, or read any newspaper, or [sadly] avail themselves of the Reader.)


SurfPuppy619 July 18, 2012 @ 8:55 p.m.

There is pleny of evidence from just what I read-just from the cell phone use in Fallbrook. Thye are done, all of them.


prattleonboyo Aug. 30, 2012 @ 7:28 p.m.

Whatever the story was here with the victim and her three killers is probably fodder for a movie-of-the-week. It's a freakshow for sure.


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