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Republican Nathan Fletcher’s mayoral campaign has picked up another official backer — former Democratic state assemblyman and senator Wadie P. Deddeh. Deddeh’s claim to fame is as the first Iraqi-born American to ever hold elected office in the United States, serving from 1967-1983 in the assembly and from 1983-1993 as the senator from California’s 40th District, which includes southern San Diego County.

“Nathan Fletcher is the right choice to be San Diego’s next mayor,” Deddeh said in a press release, placing Fletcher among the ranks of Ronald Reagan and Pete Wilson, “principled but bipartisan coalition builders who can deliver results.”

Fletcher made news in this regard a few weeks ago, announcing a bipartisan deal struck with Democratic governor Jerry Brown to close a corporate tax loophole. The deal ultimately fell apart in the Senate, when every GOP legislator voted against it.

Continuing his written statement in support of Fletcher, Deddeh frames Fletcher as the type of candidate needed to bridge the widening gap between the country’s two dominant political parties. “When I served in the California legislature, Republicans and Democrats had strongly held opinions, but they came together in the best interests of our state, and as a result we enjoyed decades of progress and prosperity.... Nathan is this type of leader and this is what is needed at City Hall. We need someone who can build bridges and work with members of both parties. Nathan can do exactly that.”

Image: Book cover featuring Wadie Deddeh

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InOmbra Sept. 27, 2011 @ 5:52 p.m.

Deddeh???I have an old potholder with Deddeh's name on it, distributed in some long-ago campaign. What did Deddeh ever do???? Did I ever vote for him?

I recently served on jury duty with Deddeh Jr. as judge. Okay.

Sorry, Fletch, this is not a hot endorsement. Filner for Mayor, please.


Visduh Sept. 28, 2011 @ 9:30 p.m.

I love it when these pols from years past talk about how both parties "worked together" for the "best interests" of the state. It was that era of collaboration that set the state on the course to the mess we currently are in. Was it in the best interests of the state of construct a set of promises that now keep a structural deficit? The best paid prison guards in the nation? These old time Dems who talk about the bipartisanship of "back when" are wishing for a time when the GOP rolled over and played dead again and again, and now give us the highest taxes in the nation and painfully little to show for it. Deddeh, get lost! Fletcher, go with him.


monaghan Oct. 1, 2011 @ 1:03 p.m.

I love the old potholder reminiscence.

Waddie Deddeh's son Peter is a good judge. Waddie Deddeh the patriarch should stay retired: he's probably grateful to Nathan for what Fletcher never misses an opportunity to tout as his service as a Marine in Iraq.

Filner for Mayor Now!


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