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Conservative radio personality Roger Hedgecock has come out swinging against what he considers "shameless" attacks" on mayoral candidate and councilmember Carl DeMaio. Today, Hedgecock sent out a mass email alerting voters to an effort from "special interest lobbyists" and "government labor unions" to launch negative attack ads against DeMaio. Hedgecock also made reference to downtown developer and former redevelopment chief Fred Maas' statement about producing a documentary film about DeMaio.

The effort, says Hedgecock, is intended to keep DeMaio from setting up shop in the Mayor's office, and from enacting reform measures.

"These are the very people who created the financial mess our city is in – and now they are plotting to prevent any real change at City Hall to the system they benefit from at your expense," read Hedgecock's missive.

"A leading architect of backroom deals for special interests has hired a private investigator to try to dig up dirt. To skirt campaign finance laws, they are even talking about producing “documentaries” that are essentially campaign hit pieces."

"[Their goal is to] Hurl as many accusations as possible to attempt to smear Carl DeMaio to try to derail the much-needed reforms he is advocating. The unions and special interests do not want this campaign to be about ideas or solutions – they prefer to divert attention using nasty, negative, and personal attacks.

"The government employee unions and downtown insiders see Carl as a threat to their golden pensions and back room sweetheart deals."

In response. Hedgecock asks residents to donate to DeMaio's campaign before the January deadline.

Added Hedgecock: "Cindy and I have contributed to Carl's campaign. Will you contribute today and help elect a truly independent, experienced, and capable Mayor?"

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SanDiegoParrothead Dec. 21, 2011 @ 12:51 p.m.

I saw Carl at ay the Balboa Ralphs back when he was gathering signatures for the Pension Reform. I told him to be ready, that they're going to throw tons of sh#t at him. He told me he was confident he could handle it and was ready.

I predict a Union Tribune slam piece against Carl on the SUnday before the election! Just remember, you heard it here first


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