I am back with a thought...so, why is it that it that the government constantly makes excuses or talks around the subjects on the increase in suicides, domestic violence, and child abuse/neglet in the military? This is in no way to say that every member in the military field commits this crimes but come on what we need to do is fix the problem instead of hiding from it or sweeping it under the rug. I am a military wife and have been for almost seven years, as well as, a military brat since birth (Mother and father were in the military for 20 years each) ! When I hear shocking information about another death or child injured or wife/husband beaten it saddens me because I have seen and experienced some of these issues and have personally tried to go to the so called " offered services" to recieve help and it always seemed to make things worse verses fixing them. Why can't we make it mandatory to seek counsling/coping services for both the service member and families for a period of time (at least 3-6 months min) depending on the type and length of deployment. I could have used it for sure! I read some articles lately for a book I am writing in regards to this subject and it shocked me how many times they stated that they couldn't determine the direct cause of these problems. UH SERIOUSLY, hello you send someone into combat or teach a person to have bearing and not to feel emotion or express emotion what do you think will happen? Anyway, I realize that many will not see my point of view but I have been thinking of these things for a while and needed to share. I feel terrible for the forgotten and disgarded military members who are lost and feel empty for the things that they have done and have no way or don't know how to control because they are to scared or ashamed to ask for help.


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