he blended into the jungle

graceful as a fluid cat

as he walked along the trail...

only his luminous blue face

could be glimpsed thru the lush follage

barest sunbeam flashed upon him

barest moonbeam reached out

to illuminate his countenance

the GOD so far ahead

and he so far behind

and then the other pilgrim

walking ahead of him

swaying her tiny bells

wrapped around her hips

to take his attention

or urge him forward

to continue thru the leafy labyrinth

i must get ahead of her

i must have a full view

to reach the God and comadeer his blessing

and so he cried out

lauding his Lord

begging him to allow him to breach

this one forward on the trail

as he moved very close her scent and beauty

the undulating movements of her hips

the tilt of her head

the long succulent curves of her neck

the beauty of her moving calves and thighs

began to overwhelm him

he wanted to pressed his body into her back

and he found his lingum growing

then all concentration left him

as his urge to mount her was overwhelmong

burning all other thoughts from his mind

at those times she'd turned to him

lifting her magnificent breasts with each hand

and the image of his Lord left him completely

lost would be his happiness

lost his oblivion

lost the path to bliss

but as the woman began to move on

suddenly his Lord appeared before his eyes more clearly

and he called out to him


"remove this woman Master"

"she only clutters my mind"

"as she works her bodily spell over me"

the Lord laughed

"you have no hope pilgrim"

"have no hope to follow me if she is not on the trail before you"

"you must court her"

"win her condolence"

"make her see you always"

"and guide you always"

"she is my most important handmaiden"

"she will help you find your better nature"

"learn her name"

"what is her name my Lord"

and faintly in the breeze that blew by his ears

he heard her whisper seductively



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nan shartel July 29, 2011 @ 10:52 p.m.

hahahahahahahahaha...... from some of ur writings RZ i think u r one the pilgrims on this path ;-D


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