Mr. Mira Mesa

The streets of Mira Mesa can be unforgiving. This I discovered when I swung my bike off Mira Mesa Blvd and onto the sidewalk. The lip of the curb snagged my wheel and sent me sliding along, teetering between a skidding oblivion and a world of pain. The world of pain won out, and as the bike laid itself down, I dove to the safety of the sidewalk, one hand landing on a plastic bench the other on a warm concrete slab. Amazingly unscathed, my eyes were first met by a “bench advertisement” I had yet to notice. In big bold letters it announced Mr. Mira Mesa is… Jay Traylor!

I was now infuriated first by my clumsy collision, and secondly for missing the Mr. Mira Mesa competition. The event must have gone by without anyone’s notice. Jay Traylor’s empty eyes stared down at me without offering so much as a helping hand. He did however promise to help me find the perfect home or apartment as advertised by his main sponsor “Re/Max”. His characteristics seemed unfitting of the glorious title now attached to the beginning of his name, his tie seemed a bit too tight and his pasty white face was generously coated in SPF 75. His body didn’t resemble that of a Greek God and from his headshot, I could see no remarkable potential or talents.

The competition was either rigged, or it was like gaining a school board position where the individual ran unopposed while the committee gasped that someone was dumb enough to fill the spot. But a quick google search revealed quite the opposite. There was competition out there for the Mr. Mira Mesa title and it was vigorous.

Seeking to dethrone our Real Estate friend was a fine individual sponsored by Mira Mesa skateboard establishment - Willys Workshop. In a promotional blog, Willys Workshop proclaimed Wilfredo Santos, AKA, Fatch, to be the one and only Mr. Mira Mesa and while doing so they revealed a network of supporters including illustrious figures – Sk8 Mafia, Ice Cream, TK and Chad White. Supporters from this camp printed up t-shirts representin their candidate but perhaps this block of voters suffered from the same illness as the college age voters who are rumored to have the potential to put Mr. Obama overthetop assuming there isn’t a great party elsewhere on election night.

A great party may have been just the thing that skewed the result of this years Mr. Mira Mesa event. Pictures from Willy Workshops events show feverish supporters downing unknown beverages, while pictures from Jay Traylor’s website show him all alone, lovingly scanning topographical maps of Mira Mesa doing his best weatherman impression.

Don’t let Mr. Mira Mesa pass you by next year. Have an impact.


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