Dear Councilman Faulconer: Attached are photos of a stretch of sidewalk along Nimitz Boulevard (taken today). Please note the encroaching vegetation that has reduced the amount of space for pedestrians. An elderly woman on my street uses the sidewalk every day to make her way to the home of a debilitated homebound couple for whom she cares (cooking, cleaning, etc.) At certain points along the sidewalk, no two people can pass without stepping off the curb and into the bicycle lane. Point Loma High School students who live off Rosecrans Street use the sidewalk. (And some bicyclists use the sidewalk because there are substantial cracks in the bike lane and Nimitz Boulevard is a speedway.) For years, the overgrowth of vegetation (tree and weed branches at face level, iceplant underfoot) has been controlled by pedestrians -- the foot traffic prevents the sidewalk from being overtaken absolutely, and I've seen people bend and break branches away from their faces...I've done it myself. This letter is to request regular trimming of the overgrowth. I specify "trimming" because I'd rather see it grow than see a city truck come along and spray a toxic herbicide. After all, this stretch of road lies between the bay and the ocean.

thank you, A District 2 resident

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