Here I sit at home in San Diego, on my computer - again. I own (with my husband of course) an Apple iMac. Looking back I have owned four (4) computers in my life. The first three (3) were run on Windows, and this last one (1) Mac. The reason my husband and I bought an Apple this time is because I had heard from soooo many people that, 1. They don't get viruses, and 2. they are fool proof. BOLOGNA!!!!!! Since February, when we bought our iMac, I have gotten 1 virus which in turn corrupted my hard drive. By the way the three (3) computers prior NEVER got not one (1) virus. The only reason I got rid of them was, I, like many other people wanted "something better", or I wanted the basic Notebook, something that could go with me.
I find it very disturbing that we paid so much money for a computer just to have it's hard drive go bad in a matter of months. It really is disturbing to find out that Apples CAN get viruses, trojan horses, and all that other junk that can hurt your pocketbook as well as make your life really complicated.
If I knew then, what I know now, I either , would never have purchased a brand new Apple, or I would have spent a whole lot less money on a USED iMac. My internet service is through my cable company which is great, EXCEPT, they only offer the virus protection for computers run on Windows. They offer NOTHING for Apple. They are probably under the same impression as everyone else. That impression being, Apple computers can't get viruses. Well dear cable company, and anyone else who may read this, I am here to tell you all Apple computers can and do get viruses. Sad But True.


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