Linda Vista, man oh man..

My neighborhood is one in a hundred, I'll tell ya! The gorgeous canyon scenery speckled with Aloe Vera plants and cacti. How much better of a view could one ask for then to witness night after night the sight of Sea World's firework extravaganza?

Yes, I do say that I have grown equally fond of the hundreds of thousands of ants, earwigs,spiders, and what nots that camp through out my home all sticky, sweaty, summer long. It's quite wonderful, I must admit, to have the occasional runaway kitty come to visit my hospitable home. Preferably to them in the massive hill drenched back yard where they can feast upon Black Widow spiders and are able to bask in the desert heat.

But, be warned Kitty! The canyon creates quite the lovely home for oh so many coyotes and homeless folks. Either or may decide to scoop you up for Sunday supper! Speaking of the homeless, we have a lovely assortment of men and women that reside in my back, back yard. Literally some pressed right against the part of my fence facing into the canyon, living in the bushes. Normally, I take kindly to those with no homes, offering food and cash donations to them. Quickly I learned that the Linda Vista Canyon Bums (as they prefer to be called), take a class all to themselves...

Mostly they party, way more than I do at 22. Broken beer bottles and cigarette packs are scattered all over the very same canyon that I could not be talked in to going through after sunset, as I may very well end up very dead. With screams of violence, helicopters often on patrol searching for criminals, and constant thievery happening to most all of the neighbors here on Preece, I just have to stop and ponder... what would we all do without our lovely set of Canyon Bums? How would we all cope without random grocery carts appearing on the front lawns? How ever could we survive with not one mysteriously vanishing trash can in the Spring time?

Linda Vista is great, man. A drastic cut in light pollution out this way! If you are an astronomy fan, Linda Vista just may be the perfect spot for you and the kiddies to reside. Just pay no mind to the 3:00am drumming brought on by the neighbor kid with the two foot high Mohawk...


bluidi Oct. 30, 2009 @ 12:15 a.m.

I've lived here in Linda Vista for oh lets see 20 some years, and I've seen alot of people come and go. I love the canyon, what really makes me so sad is how people take care of it. They don't! Trash, and more trash, its everywhere I tried to clean it up but there is just so much of it. The canyon bums are pigs, and don't give 2 cents about that canyon. I wish there was away to get them out of there. I walk my dog over by the ball field there on Olser and sometimes we go walk the trail that others have made and we have come on to camps all fixed up sleeping bags, food, tent, just like they are camping in the forest or down in Mexico.


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