Ask any professional beer maker and they will attest to the absence of luck and wishes. Pitching billions of yeast cells into a vat of what will be righteous craft beer, we had better spend some considerable time prior, peering through a microscope and counting the viability and overall health of our little friends. The same rules apply to the complex world of business. We have an idea, we then formulate our team of professionals and their respective expertise, and together we create a storyboard. Over a certain amount of time we see our ideas materialize into fruition. We refrain from the non action words such as “I wish” or 'Lets hope so' The dreaded c' word, 'can't' is so overused that if the first response to any problem is 'I can't.', it probably will be. Replace this with 'can', and we will have monumental results.

Manufacturing craft beer is a science unto itself; combining chemistry, biology, and water works, to mention but a few. Within these studies there are specific recipes and guidelines to follow, plus stringent rules and standards set by the craft beer industry; notice the absence of luck. We don't hope for a 9% alcohol IPA, we use a hydrometer to make sure of it. Of course mother nature will always do what she wants to do, so be aware of the problems along the way, but there is nothing we cannot figure out, remember, a problem is only a solution waiting to be found. In the business world, applying our intention to a certain project is the first step towards resolution. We do not wish for it, we make it happen to the best of our ability using our will and scientific measures, and usually, it turns out the way we envisioned.

Similarly, in a company setting, we would not dare express to the shareholders the wish of a profitable quarter, or the hope to see the next product succeed. On the contrary, we expect the results already agreed upon to materialize. Once the recipe has been decided, whether it be for an Imperial stout or any new product to hit the market, we then set about organizing the team of professionals to achieve this goal. The road map to a successful craft beer, or to any product debut having been figured out prior to launch, is seeing results. If the results are not what we envision, then we go about figuring out a solution, using not magic, but logic.

Seeing the results desired first in our minds eye then materializing them is a technique we all use. Most of us know what picture is store for us tomorrow, where we will be, what role in the story in this game of life we will play. We can use this foresight in the way we shape our lives also; envision success and we will attain it. Why settle for the mediocre when we can reach excellence? The act of volition combined with time is how we do anything in life, be it putting on our clothes in a certain way in the morning, making a righteous beer, or running a profitable company. The wise words “Do as thy will,” clearly reiterates this position. Ineffectual words such as wish or hope do not enter the picture.

Meanwhile, at the brewery, we'll be bottling this morning. Extract will have to measured out, diluted with the right amount of liquid, boiled for the correct time, cooled to the temperature required, and then evenly distributed to the beer, eventually to become a righteous bottle conditioned IPA. This happens from time and energy vested to achieving results desired. When we become aware of our language and how the use of it dictates our lives, we become to realize our habitual, inhibiting usage. Instead of wishing and guessing, let us try knowing and doing. We must be extremely careful when we speak not just for our own sake, but for those around us too, for opinions are formed quickly. The overused and restricting words, can't, wish, hope, luck and other similar imaginary words, build impenetrable walls of impedance, not allowing us to believe in ourselves to our maximum potential. Let us replace 'wish it will be a good one', or, 'hope it turns out,' with 'Lets see, could be a winner!' Success will be inevitable. ~Timothy Clacton.

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cgo Sept. 3, 2012 @ 8:34 a.m.

Dido....Thanks for such Positive reminders Tim! And it's nice to know that that kind of thinking is put to use to produce another fine beer. During this heat wave there's nothing more refreshing than a really, really cold beer in the evening while waiting for the breeze in the back yard to kick up.


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