Okay, so P.B. Bar & Grill isn't known for their barbecue. Heck, P.B. Bar & Grill isn't even a BBQ spot. We San Diegans affectionately know it as "The Grill;" one of the more popular and most patronized drinking wells on world-famous Garnet Avenue's "Mile of Bars"-not to be confused with southern counterpart National City's "Mile of Cars." However, for any grilled meat enthusiast, The Grill offers a selection of delectable BBQ-esque dishes not to be overlooked.

For example, on the menu under their "Dinners & Combos" section, you'll find their take on Jerk Chicken. Typical bar food it's not! It's two full chicken breasts that are marinated with jerk seasoning, garlic and olive oil, then char-grilled on The Grill's massive . . . well, grill. The chicken comes out juicy and moist with that right balance of smokiness that borders somewhere just between crispy and burnt. The citrusiness-is that a word?-and spice blend of the generous portion of meat took me back to the beachside grill at the all-inclusive in Ocho Rios where my wife and I were fortunate enough to spend our honeymoon five years ago. The Grill's Jerk chicken includes your choice of soup or dinner salad, vegetable and choice of rice pilaf, fried rice, baked potato, or mashed potatoes. Including tax, the meal will run you about $10.00-well worth it, in my opinion. So if you don't mind the almost-always crowded, raucous atmosphere of Pacific Beach Bar and Grill, head down there and be a "jerk" today. link text



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