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Locals Snared in Pacific Beach DUI Checkpoint Charge Entrapment

"What the hell else are we supposed to do in PB?"

As the Reader's Dave Rice reports, last weekend's DUI checkpoints on Ingraham and Grand yielded 51 arrests - well above the usual numbers for San Diego checkpoints. Both authorities and those arrested point to the placement of the checkpoints as the cause of the spike, but after that, the agreement stops.

"We're in a recession," said SDPD spokesman Buzz MacPherson. "Tax revenues are down all over the place. The department's budget has been cut to the bone. We have to deploy our resources in the most efficient manner possible. There isn't much sense in setting up a checkpoint in an area that isn't likely to lead to many arrests. It's like any other area of police work - you go where the problem is."

"We're in a recession," said recent DUI-arrestee Buzz Jackson. "Incomes are down all over the place. My discretionary spending budget has been cut to the bone. I need to party down in the most efficient manner possible. There isn't much sense in getting my drink on in an area without a high concentration of clubs and hotties. It's like any other area of life - you go where the action is."

"We're in a recession," said Lane Mars, General Manager at Pacific Beach's Riptide Bar & Grill. "Restaurant and tavern revenues are down all over the place. My staff has been cut to the bone. I need to get people to loosen their purse strings in the most efficient manner possible. There isn't much sense in serving one or two drinks to a customer who then leaves without even ordering one of our patented 'stomach liner' pizzas. It's like any other area of business - you work your customer."

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pbSpirits_dot_com Sept. 8, 2011 @ 2:23 p.m.

"We're in a recession," said Jerry Hall, blogger at pbSpirits.com. "Even though San Diegans are sick and tired of paying for police, fire-rescue, ambulance, hospital and legal costs for the myriad of DUI drivers that bad bar and 'restaurant' business operators in Pacific Beach cultivate, they persist unabated. Shouldn't the most problematic bars and 'restaurant' owners pay for these costs or, are San Diegans happy subsidizing their profits asks Hall." Hall did exclaim his appreciation for the economic 'revitalization' poor operators create and often brag about. "They've employed not only their crews that follow poor practices but, are also creating opportunities for bottle and can collectors, flyer distributors and trash pickup crews. Ah, revitalization!" says Hall. "Every community in San Diego should aspire to become more like PB!"


escortalex Sept. 8, 2011 @ 3:26 p.m.

"Hey, the bars in PB are the engine that's driving San Diego's economic recovery," said David Smith, who manages several corporate-owned bars along Garnet Avenue. "On September second, when that guy got stabbed in the neck with a beer bottle, we kept six cops, an ambulance driver, two emergency medical techs, and the entire staff of an emergency room busy for at least three hours. And a couple of detectives are still working the case, and it hasn't even got to the District Attorney's office yet. Plus, when that guy gets out of the hospital, he's gonna have to keep putting bandages on the wound in his neck. That means more sales of gauze and tape from the CVS pharmacy. Without that kind of thing happening in PB, what would those cops be doing? Patrolling some neighborhood in Clairemont? Investigating a burglary in Mission Beach? We are all about job creation, dude."


deserttrat Sept. 9, 2011 @ 12:06 p.m.

Those emergency workers can be elsewhere helping other communities. One stupid drunk, that left a bar that only cares about its own bottom line, not the city our the San Diegans is costing the city far more than what your business in generating for the city. Change your business practices and quit overserving!


SanDiegoCountyDUILawCenter Sept. 9, 2011 @ 8:58 a.m.

For the readers, here are some alternative route ideas based on previous PB DUI checkpoint locations http://blog.sandiegodrunkdrivingattorney.net/2011/09/avoid-pacific-beach-california-dui.html .

Here is a map of San Diego county DUI checkpoint locations http://www.sandiegoduilawyer.com/san-diego-dui-checkpoints.html


escortalex Sept. 9, 2011 @ 10:46 a.m.

"We're in a recession," said Ralph Unction, who owns The Blowhole on Mission Boulevard. "We're trying to provide good family fun at a reasonable price. That's why I brought the GLOM girls here, after I saw 'em at South Padre Island last Spring. The Gorgeous Ladies Of Midget Wrestling add some real class to PB, and because we're a restaurant, the kids can watch the fun, too. The GLOM girls are here on Friday and Saturday nights, and we have Beer Pong on Monday nights. We even have Sunny-D Pong for the kids. On Taco Tuesdays we serve the best microwave fish tacos in PB, as voted by our own wait staff. All week long, we've got five dollar pitchers for Dad, three dollar you-call-it shots for Mom, and free balloons for the kids. The drink specials start at five p.m., because we know you need to get home early on school nights. We even have a deal for discount cab rides home, and we'll loan you a child safety seat to put in the cab. Because here at The Blowhole, we care about PB...and remember, we're a restaurant. It says so right there on our liquor license."


deserttrat Sept. 9, 2011 @ 12:04 p.m.

Your revitalization theory in PB is BS. You are inviting people by advertising cheap drinks, these people don't care about the community, and all they want is to get drunk. They don't spend money in retail shops, restaurants, etc. they DRINK. They behave stupidly, drive drunk, cause fights, and strain our emergency services. I bet a cost analysis of the situation would show that they cost our city more money than they spend. The businesses in PB, North Park and Hillcrest that have bad business models and practices (want to sell as much alcohol as they can) are hurting the communities they are in. Something’s got to give. Maybe the Council members in those districts or our ineffective Mayor are waiting for a horrible accident or riot to happen before they stand up to businesses that don't care about San Diego.


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