The morning wrestled itself between two men's arms as they tossed each other this way and that across the beach street sidewalks dividing themselves and their goods into the parking lot like camp gear being unpacked the two Friends for 12 years and across the countryside together now at rest but not at the heart of the worlds end at the ocean beach

time spent close and even closer has ravaged them and now all that anger has surfaced violent words and hurt feelings flung from one lung to the other Friends grasping for a fight but incapable for the swing so they push and shove like children do and are not we all still children? one way or the other always

intervention found itself in the form of my sheer distaste for federal intervention laws are not what govern us you are a person cry yell hug someone fight someone its not for others to judge this is your life and you make the laws

and my piece was spoken just like that and my hands took theirs off each other and into mine and I shook them only different

and we shared that space of time in the land of lost and loved scattered all over the worlds beach in plain sight but hiding

like i do now behind this giant monitor of electronic circuitry

Things were not all right for them but they will be now

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