This is a plog post from one of my other blogs. But the feeling is still the same no matter where I post it. I don't know about the others in San Diego county. But I am sick of the word BAN. I wish we could all just learn to deal with life and find other ways to handle our problems....So here is the post.

Ban, Ban, Ban. This word seems like the only one some of you learned and remembered from school. You want to ban smoking in bars and other public places (this is from the same people that drive 3 blocks to get a soda), ban beer at the beach, ban dogs on the beach from this time to that time (like dogs can understand time), ban mothers feeding from the breast in public, ban feeding the birds and animals at the park (I worry more about people walking around with disease’s we can‘t tell they have.), ban playing ball on the beach. And now you want to ban plastic bags (Did you ask the trees what they think about this?). What is it with you people? Why don’t we ban mean people, ban rich people who have nothing better to do with their time then sit around and figure out things to ban, ban people who drive cars that take a tank full of gas to go 6 blocks or better yet ban the people that are in office making a hundred thousand plus and doing nothing but complaining they can’t live off of what they make (and giving themselves raises) while the rest of us live off less then one third of that. Why don’t we ban homes with more then 6 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms and a pool that could hold 50. Ban having more then 2 cars in the drive way or ban company’s that buys up land to build low cost homes that still are more then 3 family‘s together could afford (when did low cost mean 2 to 300,000.00+?) or ban this zero tolerance crap (my mom always told me if they hit you, hit them back or they will keep hitting you. A sad thing you all need to wake up to is, a bully will always find a way to bully until someone kicks his rear end and puts a stop to it. So your zero tolerance crap only gets the poor kid that keeps getting pick on to keep all the crap inside until he or she blows like a bomb and takes the bully plus the others in their way out.) Why don’t we ban president’s that can’t figure out that the USA is in bad shape and needs to be fixed with more then just a band aid (At this point not even stitches will fix things.) Ban cops that think they can just chase down someone and shoot them while in civilian clothing and off duty. OH and not call for back up until after they have shot them. Why don’t we ban company’s that think they can cause damage to the earth and the area’s they are in and not to have to pay to fix it. We can also ban company’s that that get sued due to something they did wrong and raise their prices and make us pay for it. We seem to use the word ban a lot in this day and age. What ever happen to compromise. What happen to freedom and what happened to rights. It is as if a few people mess up and the rest of us have to pay the price. I don’t ever want to leave home. I am afraid to go out and offend someone with some thing I did or said. It may start the next reason for a ban. We all live in this world and we all need to find a way to get along and stop banning things. We should learn to put trash in the trash can, not to drink until we are fighting or walk like a palm tree blowing in the wind. Learn to pick up after our dogs. And we should be able to converse with little critters with out the fear of getting a ticket for doing so. I keep telling my husband we seem to kill, ban or get rid of what we don’t understand, have the patience for or the willingness to tolerate. We all live in this world as a unit and need to learn to live a such if not we will live in a world where everyone walks around like a zombie.

So this is it. I am sick of not having freedoms and rights. San Diego is becoming a boring place to live. And that is sad. I love my home and would hate to move from here. But I miss the simple things in life. Like having a beer on the beach while walking my dog and feeding the birds bread. Then picking up his poo in the plastic bag I had bread and beer in.


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