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RIP San Diego music legend Patti Page, known for hits like “Tennessee Waltz,” “Old Cape Cod,” and “How Much Is That Doggie in the Window?” She passed away this week at the age of 85. Her musical success spawned several television series of her own in the 1950s, and she spent the latter part of her life creating and marketing organic maple syrup, organic pancake mix, maple cream, and gift sets that she sold online.


Miss Page was baffled by the gorilla I sneaked into her comic strip - she asked me about it via email and I told her it was a reference to the Magilla Gorilla cartoon, which seemed to baffle her all the more. Sorry, Patti, I guess most of my little comic gags don't amuse anybody but me --

The Page comic was one of the first Famous Neighbors comics I did for the Reader. I was still such a crappy cartoonist that I felt the need to caption the names of the Presidents, since the only recognizable likeness was Reagan's. Poor Truman looks like Ben Stein, Eisenhower seems to be played by Bob Hope, Kennedy resembles a young DeNiro, and Johnson could be mistaken for Jimmy Durante...

Miss Page was very diplomatic (albeit mildly passive/aggressive) about my rendering of her likeness in her third and final email to me, in which she said "I was drawn looking a lot worse on a TV Guide cover, and everyone in the world saw that one. Only the people of San Diego saw yours."

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