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What to do for the New Year? I was thinking about listening to a piece of music I’ve never heard every day. Yes, 365 new pieces of music this year.

I’ve probably heard about 60 of Schubert’s 300 songs so I could make it until August just exploring Schubert. If I add Schumann’s, Beethoven’s, Brahms’, Wolf's, and Strauss’ songs I could do German lieder for the entire year and then some.

I’ve heard about one piece by Telemann so I could make it until 2020 just listening to his 3,000 or so compositions.

I’ve not heard all of Verdi’s operas. If I were to listen to one act of Verdi opera per day, I think I could make it to February without running out of new material.

I’ve only heard a handful of Haydn’s 68 string quartets and maybe 20 of his 106 symphonies. How about Haydn straight through to the end of May?

I think I could make to the end of July listening to Bach cantatas I’ve never heard.

Why am I doing this?

I think my listening habits have become chronic addictions.

Do I need to listen to Dvorak’s Ninth Symphony for the 500th time? Me thinks not since I’ve never listened to any of his first six symphonies.

I don’t think I’ve given Tchaikovsky's first three symphonies the time of day but his final three symphonies are probably about to issue me a restraining order.

I've not heard any of Brahms' cello sonatas. How great is this with Barenboim and Du Pre? Happy New Year!

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Visduh Jan. 1, 2013 @ 8:50 p.m.

The familiar is comforting and listening to a new piece everyday is actually a challenge. It requires attention and thought to get much out of the piece.

On a different note, those clips were a reminder of how talented those two young musicians were. She was one of the first women soloists who could just perform in her own style, which certainly wasn't an accepted style until she came along. How tragic it was that Du Pre was stricken with MS at a fairly early age when she had so much promise and so many pieces yet to play and record.

Thanks for the reminder.


Garrett Harris Jan. 2, 2013 @ 10:01 a.m.

Visduh, thank you for the comment! The familiar is comforting. I've often thought I could listen to only Beethoven 3,5,and 7 and be content.

What a genuine connection Du Pre and Barenboim appeared to have.


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