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Fire-breathing former San Diego saxophonist Jason Robinson returns for a must-see concert on March 1, leading a core trio of bassist Rob Thorsen and drummer Duncan Moore, expanding to include special guest guitarist Joey Carano and saxophonist Ian Tordella.

Robinson relocated to Amherst, Massachusetts a few years ago, where the close proximity to NYC has afforded him access to the elite in East Coast improvisers. His Janus ensemble expanded to a nonet, and his recent release Tiresian Symmetry, made a great many top-ten releases lists, including # 1 on my own.

"I'm thrilled to return to San Diego," says Robinson. "And very much looking forward to reuniting with Rob and Duncan. Rob and I had a longtime group called the Cross Border Trio (with Mexicali drummer Paquito Villa). We'll be performing a couple of reformulated original compositions from the CBT repertoire. Most of our music for Friday, however, will come from my two most recent albums on Cuneiform Records, Tiresian Symmetry and The Two Faces Of Janus. I've been developing new trio versions of this material, distilling and expanding ideas from their original arrangements."

Robinson will be appearing at the all-ages New Dizzy's, located at 4275 Mission Bay Blvd. in Pacific Beach. The concert begins at 8 pm.

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