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Alto saxophonist Danny Janklow made his San Diego performance debut as a bandleader on April 20, teaming up with fellow sax man Christopher Hollyday, bassist Hamilton Price, pianist Joshua White and drummer Bob Weller for an exciting night of post-bop mayhem at the new Dizzy's.

Janklow and Hollyday made for an interesting contrast -- on the opener, "Fried Bananas," the leader darted through the changes with a big, confident sound that often erupted into a piercing wail, while Hollyday tended to take his time -- toggling sculpted tones with fits of velocity. White was a marvel to hear in this context, channeling a hard swing and quoting "It Could Happen To You," in the process. Price's time was relentless and Weller kept it all moving forward with a loose-limbed attack.

Janklow shows real promise as a composer, "Hidden Treasure," an original that alternated between waltz and straight time cast a pensive '60's Blue Note feel, and he balanced a sublime mix of emotive lines with his considerable chops on a feature that also showcased Price's ability to sing on his instrument.

The burning modal swing of "Bad Reception," found Hollyday maintaining composure regardless of tempo and White blowing tight, precise and rhythmically daring ideas before the leader boiled over with speed-demon phrases twisting into spirals of kinetic energy.

Everyone got a chance to shine on Janklow's shuffle, "Cock a doodle blues," Hollyday hit the gates first with intricate subdivisions of the beat and sly vibrato, followed by White, who took a postcard sized idea and airmailed it into multiple states of hipness while sneaking a line from "Blue Monk," in for good measure. Janklow headed up the rear with melodic curlicues sharp enough to peel granite, and Weller kept everyone on edge with a constant stream of interruptive discourse.

Photo by Bonnie Wright

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