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The parking lot of the Harley-Davidson motorcycle dealership hosted two local rock bands on the evening of Saturday, October 13. As a fund-raiser for the Wounded Warrior Foundation, a $10 donation was suggested at the door.

New York Mike, the chopper shop's boss, first welcomed all and then led the Pledge of Allegiance along with a local veteran. Sprung Monkey took to the stage and promised some "brand new shit," and sprang into a thrashy "The Difference Between Rape & Romance," a song they said explores just how "love can be so beautiful and then be so bad." "What's That You Say," sounded fresh and a particular favorite of the crowd was the song Sprung Money wrote on the day Osama bin Laden got shot in the head: "Dead Is Dead." The band also reminded people to "Vote. Just vote."

P.O.D. was equally intense and their passion reminds me of a younger Rage Against the Machine. "Boom" blasted off with some guitar wah-wah pedal action. "On Fire" was on fire, and "Eyez" rocked the house. At that point, P.O.D. lead singer Sonny Sandoval reminded the surging fans to "Don't let nobody get hurt, and don't let 'em fall down," and then promptly jumped right out into the crowd and sang "Babylon the Murderer." New song and big hit on the radio "Lost in Forever" and the positive messaged "Alive" closed out the parking lot party.

Concert: P.O.D., Sprung Monkey

Date: October 13

Venue: San Diego Harley-Davidson, Kearny Mesa

Seats: side stage

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