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"There were no overdubs done on this EP whatsoever, and for that I make no apologies," says Scottish singer/songwriter Colin Clyne, whose release party for Doon Tae The Wid (which translates from Scottish/Doric as Down to the Wood) happens November 30 at Tin Can Ale House. "Everything was recorded live and as-is. It is as it should be, right doon tae the wid."

For the release party, "I'll be playing a set with my percussionist and there will possibly be a guest appearance or two," says Clyne. "Predominantly, it will only be available on download. However, I'll be pressing an incredibly limited and exclusive batch of CDs for this party, possibly only 100, that is all. Might be worth a few bucks in a few years. Just sayin'."

The bill will also include Clyne's fellow former foreigner, Belgian singer/songwriter Carl Durant, as well as Brooklyn's Pat Hull.

As for the term 'down to the wood,' Clyne explains "I guess its a joinery and carpentry reference to unpolished treated wood that's been planed down. This is also a reference to the fact the gigs were recorded at Yelo County Fairground, in Woodland [CA] as part of the Sacramento and Woodland Highland Games on the 7th and 8th of May, 2011. It's also a reference to the fact these songs are stripped down to vocal, two guitars, and cajon."

Released on local Blindspot Records, the four-song EP features Clyne on vocals, guitar, and harmonica, along with James Hood (guitar, backing vocals), and Anthology House Band mainstay Steve Haney (percussion).

The concert was recorded by Ryan Poole and the EP was mixed and mastered by Rolling Stones producer Alan Sanderson at the McCallum's Hoose studio. "As a bonus," says Clyne, "the trailer for the upcoming Doricana Tour DVD, recorded on my last overseas tour, will be on there as well."

The band on the EP is not the same band Clyne currently uses live and locally. "These days, Patric Petrie [fiddle], John McCallum [percussion], and Paul Castellanos [guitar, mandolin, banjo, fiddle] are more likely to be found performing with me. Unfortunately, myself and James Hood parted ways in June 2011, roughly a month or so after the gig on the EP, in a very amicable manner. Sometimes life just gets in the way."

"So, I figured it was important that for those people that never got a chance to see myself and James play live together that this EP was released. Also, it's a continued promo for an upcoming tour DVD I'm producing with San Diego film maker Craig Rian which will be released through our production company Tidy Wee Bird Productions." The DVD is due for release in spring 2013.

“My songs tell honest folk-like stories with hard, raw, bluesy rock guitar,” says Clyne. “The music is tinged with humor, sadness, and working-class bravado, all rolled into one little Britpop package. Imagine the love child of Mike Myers’s Fat Bastard and Neil Young.”

Originally from Stonehaven, Scotland, and raised in the U.K., Clyne frequently takes jobs aboard fishing boats traveling to Europe, West Africa and even the Arctic Circle. As of 2011, Clyne divides his time between his homeland and Southern California, with a sizable following in each.

Clyne’s introduction to music was via his mothers record collection, a mix of international acts such as Dylan and Neil Young, with homegrown heros, such as The Corries or the Furey’s. Though he began to make music by the age of 16, directly inspired by Oasis, an accident to his hand took away his ability to play until he was in his mid twenties. This only increased his resolve to become a touring artist, kicking into overdrive from the moment a guitar was back in his hand.

In 2009, Clyne toured the UK and Europe, including a trek along the festival circuit in Scotland and the sold-out Edinburgh festival. While in London, he recorded new tracks with Alan Sanderson (Rolling Stones, Elton John), for an album called Doricana.

The songs on Doricana are a blend of Clyne’s Scottish influences and love of American music. The album includes guest appearances from session musician extraordinaire, Dennis Caplinger (Johnny Cash / Eric Clapton), Matt Hensley (Flogging Molly), Rick Nash and Larry Grano (both of The Eve Selis Band), Tim Foley and Enrique Platas (both of Skelpin), with production work in London, San Diego and San Francisco.

His website features a Behind the Scenes film on the recording of his album Doricana, co-starring producer Alan Sanderson (Rolling Stones, U2, etc.), James Hood, Enrique Platas, and Marvin Glover.

Playing shows in both solo and band mode, Clyne has become a seasoned road vet, impressing crowds at venues ranging from Hollywood’s infamous Viper Room, to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, San Diego’s House of Blues, to Scotland’s Tartan Heart Festival and all manner of stages in between. Sponsored by Timberline Guitars, with a hand built model for touring, Clyne has also been a regular on European radio with numerous appearances, including Northsound Radio Aberdeen, Radio Norwich and Leith FM.

On returning to the U.S., Clyne put together an acoustic show band with James Hood and Enrique Platas (Skelpin). At the August 2011 San Diego Music Awards, he took home the trophy for Best Acoustic. Around the same time, he signed an endorsement deal with Rotosound UK Strings, and announced that footage from his Scottish tour would be released on DVD in 2012.

Clyne and his wife celebrated the birth of their daughter Catherine Clyne on March 31, 2012, shortly before his April 14 performance at the Mile of Music fest on North Harbor Drive. Most of June and July of that year was spent doing a series of European dates.

This past August, Clyne won Best Acoustic at the San Diego Music Awards. Around the same time, he began working with San Diego filmmaker Craig Rian on a Doricana Tour DVD, planned for release in early 2013.

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