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This is my roommate Mawkus.

His full name is Marcus Aurelius Rosario and he tilts his head and tugs at his giant ‘fropuff when he’s talking about girls he finds attractive. He’s really good with a wok and often tries to jump through the wall outside my bedroom door as a daily affirmation of the laws of physics. He also brews really strong coffee.


This is Doctor Sugarbear Phillips.

He’s the resident neighborhood Crip and he drinks with us on the stoop every once in a while. Sometimes, when cops roll our house parties, an officer will warn us to be wary of Sug because “he’ll drink all the alcohol.” Incidentally, we tend to invite him to said parties for that very reason. We homies.


This is what you get when you put Mawkus, Dr. Phillips, and a handful of badass future beat technicians together on a Thursday night at the Kava Lounge.


The Doo Doo Roo a is craft malt liquor beverage traditionally reserved for first dates and other critical junctures in the courting process. I think Sug invented it. Maybe you’ve heard of it. Either way, Sug enlightened this household to the alleyway ambrosia, which is made thusly:

  1. Obtain a foty of Mickey’s.
  2. And an ice cream sandwich (traditional is best, but Neopolitan can work if the mood is right).
  3. Drink two gulps of Mickey’s and then cram the ice cream sandwich in there.
  4. Shake.
  5. Woo.

While the beverage won’t be available at tomorrow night’s beat jamboree at Kava, the line-up brewed in LA’s underground and bottled by Mawkus (a DJ with a knack for baby-makin’ music and also a Jazz 88 jockey on Wednesday and Fridays from midnight ‘til two) is formulated to simulate the one-two inebriation/seduction punch of the Doo Doo Roo.

Swill on this (bios by Mawkus):

Abstract Butta Fingas - Coated in a blatant disregard for genre restraints, this beat scientist uses his architectural degree for use with "spatial conceptualization to express sonic concepts.

Ravage Beats - Futuristic and cerebral unto its own right, strong tectonic production styles.

Depakote - Eclectic styles, lots of sample-based productions, played Critical Beatdown last year, soulfully chopped and tripped out just like the drug itself.

Foniks - Highly technical beast on the MPC, played Critical Beatdown last year, avid DJ as well; also a visual artist as he designed the flyer.

DirtRAID - Prolific beatmaking duo, LA mainstays on the beat scene, have played Low End Theory, gritty, authentic and hard production styles.

“Collectively, as a whole, you can find them playing shows all over LA,” says Mawkus. “Oftentimes they're billed as Neckbreakers but most other times, they're on their solo grinds or up at odd hours creating.”

Also in the fizz will be local Kill Quanti live beat enigma Mystery Cave.

Live art from Andre Power!

Photo booth by Moonsluts.

Crazytown visuals by Wind Spirit.

And DJ sets by Awnode.

Bottoms up!

Doo Doo Roo: Neckbreakers Beat Night

Thursday, March 29

Kava Lounge - 2812 Kettner Boulevard - Little Italy

3 bucks.

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