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In their first international adventure as a band, A Scribe Amidst Lions are leaving next Wednesday for a Mexico City gig and a several day stay with their friends, Sour Soul.

The Mexican capital natives and the San Diego epic-art-rockers will be celebrating the release of their new split 7" vinyl on La Escalara Records [as well as digitally worldwide] on December 2 at Salón Covadonga.

“The venue is like Belly Up,” says Scribe guitarist Kris Townes. “That’s roughly the size of the venue. I met Sour Soul doing sound at the Ruby Room and they just blew my mind. I felt like with Sour Soul, we could just gel and get people out and in tune with them. Like any band, they’re changing as they continue to play and write and I feel like we possibly influenced them on this split. But because the timeline was so short, we never got a chance to hear their music before the split, and they never got to hear ours. So when we heard the final version we were surprised. Scribe went more psychedelic pop and their song for the split turned out the be a six minute, epic, dark, kind of Muse-esque song, so it was kind of funny. We were both trying to gel with each other and it turned out great.”

The official US release show is set for Saturday January 7 at the Casbah with Children of Nova. Sour Soul may make it up for the show, but are set to come back to San Diego on March 24 at an as of yet unsolidified venue.

“Up until now, La Escalera Records has been doing punk rock,” says Townes of the label run by Ezequiel ‘Ziggy’ Pelayo of Moosejaw. “So they’ve been expanding as well, it’s not just punk rock and also they’re going international. Sour Soul has a house kind of similar to the Control Center [Scribe’s Linda Vista home studio] in Mexico City where they have small show, host bands from out of town, things like that, and they have this huge mural that became the cover for the album."

The first single from the new A Scribe Amidst the Lions album, "Fever Rose," is now available for free streaming.

“The song explores themes of over-expansion... progress vs. excess,” Townes writes. “The future and past of our society is a twisted tale of growth and preservation. Musically the song uses a strong melodic direction and an upbeat feel - a change of pace for people who might only think of Scribe as a dark, brooding, prog-rock band.”

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