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Local jazz stalwart Peter Sprague has owned and operated his recording studio SpragueLand since the late 1990s. In that time, over 250 albums have been recorded there.

SpragueLand is a full service, totally professional studio with the added esthetic benefit of being located just seven blocks from the Pacific Ocean.

Among the features of the studio are five isolated recording spaces, all with visual sightlines to each other : Room 2 is a large space outfitted with a Yamaha drum kit; Room 3 houses the seven foot Yamaha grand piano, which is serviced weekly; Room 4 is the vocal/horn space; Room 5 is a totally wired upstairs office with video connections, and finally Room 1 is the control space with a Pro-Tools 96 channel hard disk computer based recording system.

SpragueLand boats top-flight studio gear as well, with microphones by Neumann (U-87's and TLM 193's), and AKG, (414's and 460's), and state of the art outboard gear by Urei, Drawmer and Lexicon.

An additional perk is that each individual musician controls their own headphone mix with a dedicated 16 channel mixer, allowing them to dial in just what they want to hear in the headphones.

There have been stellar releases born at SpragueLand, from the free jazz classic Triangulation by Vinny Golia, George Lewis and Bert Turetzky (named best of 2000 by Cadence Magazine)--to vocalist Denise Donatelli's sublime effort, When Lights Are Low, nominated for a Grammy Award.


photo courtesy of Peter Sprague

For more info, go to petersprague.com

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