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Is the stupid bliss of eternal sunshine getting you down?

Wiggle over to the Shakedown Bar tonight for a soul-blackening noise metal showcase at the only bar in town that offers tall cans of Steel Reserve and Old E.

Local guitar-noise deviant Zsa Zsa Gabor aka Sam Lopez teams up with a full band tonight for maximum doom. Expect a cover of “Mask” by the Bauhaus and “monolithic slabs of sonic mayhem mixed with primitive beats of grotesque rhythm.”

Bay Area black/white noise band (that’s black metal, white noise) Sutekh Hexen are what happens when your radio gets stuck on 666 AM (this is actually a station in the Philippines, but you know what I mean) driving alone in the middle of the desert at midnight. Satan and static.

Blackened stoner metalheads Folivore bring slow, heavy, ‘verby riffage and screeching cretin vox from the haunted woods of Santa Cruz. “Lugubrious horror show riffs pummel you while Norwegian inspired shrieks of the mutilated permeate the funeral grounds. Folivore is a sickening serpent, intent on squeezing the last breath out of you!”

San Diego bass and drum (Sal Gallegos of Some Girls) duo Secret Fun Club will be releasing their Skull With Antlers LP on Three One G Records soon.

Dig it, yes?

SECRET FUN CLUB "Kathleen Turner Overdrive" by Three One G

Seattle crusty grindcore punks Asymmetric Warfare were just added to the line up. Brutal, political, mosh-ready metal that'll make you want to punch your grandma.

Scope the Bookface event and follow Lopez’s blog, Rotten Waves, for all things local, dark, and noisy.

$5 - 21+

Tonight - Shakedown Bar - 3048 Midway Dr


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